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  • Phillip,

    Great question. Thanks for kicking it off.


    We do have several restaurants, clothes chain stores using spiceworks apparently.



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  • Well we are an industrial Distributor. We have 3 offices 25 terminals. We use and ERP for order entry in all terminals.

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  • We do Flowers and Vegetables.

    We grow flowers and veg in Kenya and South Africa, fly them to the UK then pack and distribute them for all the UKs major supermarkets.  We also do bouquets for Next and M&S home delivery.

    According to external monitoring agencies the carbon footprint of airfreighted flowers and veg is lower than that of product grown in European heated glasshouses.

    We have four sites in the uk with 400 it users and many more sites in Africa with 600+ users.

    The new fibre connection to East Africa should make our comms a lot quicker. 

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  • Not-For-Profit retail.  We sell everything donated to us for low costs and use the cash to fund other organizations and free public programs (as well as our operations).  Our company is privately owned, but operates under the umbrella that is Goodwill Industries International INC.  Our sector includes the central California region (Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo counties).  We have roughly 300 employees, 16 retail sites.  We're currently starting to implement a brand new point of sale system (Microsoft RMS) on brand new HP RP5700s on a mesh VPN (which has not been setup yet).  2 registers (+1 backend PC) per store, 1 register (+1 backend PC) per outlet and 2 per warehouse. 

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  • Non-profit retail here too. We're using Microsoft RMS to run retail all across our property. We sell gift items, admissions to attractions, and fresh produce under the control of a non-profit organization.We have 3 sites, one running a single POS, one running two (4 in times of high business needs, seasonal) and one that runs two, (6 in times of high seasonal needs, they are dismanteld each year until the next season).

    We use standard Dell Optiplex 755's with IDTECH keyboards that have MSRs built in. Touchscreens from ELO and Epson USB receipt printers.

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  • We are a large automobile dealership in a campus environment with 4 separate rooftops.  I support 250+ employees, nearly 200 workstations, and several servers..  We rely heavily on our Dealership Management System (DMS) and Microsoft Exchange.

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  • We are a sporting good store with 24 stores (25000 sq ft or more) and over 1000 employees.

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  • We are a Hispanic themed supermarket chain in California and Nevada.  Currently I monitor and maintain 28 store locations, 3 manufacturing / packing plants and 2 warehouses - 1600 nodes in Spiceworks (and growing).

    I have a central Spiceworks installation and a installation onsite at all locations in remote mode.  Having a running inventory from Spice has been a real value when our store level zombies think they have gotten away with something, I have a means of quickly seeing the new install and can correct the problem.

    Our POS is currently ISS45, LOC software (SMS) and doing our first install of NCR ACR-IR in just two weeks. 

    ISS45 is very stable.  Limited in what it will run on and the data that can be imported and exported but it does work well.

    LOC SMS has been a mix of good and bad.  It will run on almost any PC platform but that is also part of the problem - The developers do not develop on POS hardware and there is also a language gap with the Canadian French support...  Our former programmer loved tinkering with it which also cuts into the bad when he thought no one would fire him no matter how bad he behaved.  Including not turning over his code base or support software to update his customizations.

    ACS-IR is looking VERY good and we are looking forward to the go-live!

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  • Full service pizza restaurant. 

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  • We call it "Health and Wellness". Think vitamins, supplements, HABA, naturopathy, sports nutrition and way too much aromatherapy. 28 locations, 60+ lanes, 65K sqft warehouse/distribution ctr and 40-seat corporate hq. Rapidly expanding ecomm channel. We run Dynamics RMS with HQ, Dynamics NAV, and are an MS shop.

    IT staff of 5 and hopefully will pull in another this year.

    All you RMS guys, let's get a group going.

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