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  • Out of interest why did you replicate it as opposed to just opening your .mdb file in Access 2007??  Access 2007 fully supports .mdb files created from Access 2000 and 2003.

    I know that Microsoft are dropping the replication manager in favour of getting people to use the SQL express products so you might want to think about a more long term solution to your problem.

    Regarding your current problem you might want to check if Access 2007 is supported in your scenario.  This excerpt suggests:

    "Replication has been discontinued in Access as of 2007, thus you'll certainly find no additional updates/upgrades to the Replication manager tool. There are no additional replication tools/managers for Access of which I'm aware. There are some for SQL Server , I believe, and SQL Server Express is freely available and simple to use."

    Also this link might help you
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  • Actually the whole thing is a legacy system which is due to be replaced this year - but i've sorted a work-round for the few people using 2007 for the time being. 

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