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  • Hi Shayne, I represent Arista as primer partner here in Canada.  As for your question about Cisco legal issue has more to do with trying to slow down innovation than a real case.  They are claiming they own CLI commands.

    I agree with you on the lack of technical material posted.  I will check with my Channel partner.  Arista is more focus on network engineering than marketing.  Classic issue.  As a side note, lot's of material available on Arista.com, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.   

    If you have any specific questions or would like to learn more about Arista on why over 85% of the high frequency Financial traders use Arista.  I have great uses cases where Arista has been very successful.

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  • glad that your channel partners had the fore sight to get your name into Spiceworks... i had nothing specific... just trying to keep up on my reading and was curious about who you were that Cisco was suing you...

    I absolutely believe that cisco would try to stifle innovation... it seems that this is the primary purpose of the legal system nowadays... just look at apple.

    Looking forward to hearing more about you guys in the future.

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