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  • http://www.visualwin.com/Audio-Mapping


    Now allot of people DO NOT do this for various reasons like bandwidth and the pipe but, if your people are in-house then you are fine.

    TS and Citrix are normally used for financial, accounting and HR apps.

    What are you using TS for?


    Also looking at my CDTree prog I found this


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  • Like Curtis said, you don't want audio mapping enabled.
    Over the WAN? Forget about it.

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  • It's strictly over the LAN, so not worried about the bandwidth.  I've done that setting on the server, and have enabled every sound related setting on the thin client, but still cannot get consistent sound.  Anything else you can point me to?

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  • SWs didn't post my message.....here it is again:

    Server & thin client make/model, sound card model.
    Network: 1GB LAN, servers/clients same LAN, etc?

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  • Server - Dell Poweredge 2900 running Server 2003 Enterprise, integrated sound.

    Clients - Devon IT - NTA Virtual Office Thin Client Terminal - NTA 6020P

    Network - Gigabit

    Server/Clients on same LAN

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  • Servers do not come with built-in sound cards. (At least not the rack versions, not your case though) Do you mind sharing the service tag to check what's inside the hood? Does the server have audio plugs on the back, if so what are they?

    Use the same audio file for all the tests.

    Test 1: Log in the console and play an audio file, note if there is a difference between sound playback and the remote playback.

    Test 2: Log in using a desktop/laptop instead of thin client, note differences.

    Test 3: Log in using the TS server IP instead of using DNS, note the differences.

    Question: asumming DHCP, DNS is in use, are clients getting the correct DNS settings meaning your LAN DNS is the primary server/s on their lookup list? Or are thin clients connecting to an IP rather than DNS?

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