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  • This is a complex question.  The question is really one for Linux and really doesn't have anything to do with Windows per se.  If you install a graphical management tool on Linux then you could access it from Windows - yes. 

    You can use all of the regular graphical Fedora tools that you want by running Hummingbird, MochaX, Exceed or some other X Server on your Windows box to accept the network connection.  Or you could install a web-based management tool like Webmin on your Fedora box and connect via a browser.

    Any tool will depend on what components you want to manage as they are not unified like on Windows.  And if you are looking for a native Windows app that connects via SSH underneath but is native to Windows I think that you are out of luck.  I can't imagine anyone creating that.  There are too many more widely desired methods to do this type of thing.

    But for REAL management, there is nothing to compare with PuTTY.

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