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  • I have never ordered from Sony directly anywhere..


    If its gaming-gamestop\ebgames as it is in canada.

    If its-computer parts- online-newegg- offline tigerdirect, the renamed compusa stores.

    Occasionally I buy things are Bestbuy..Its painful to be in their stores though.


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  • Paul3215 wrote:

    anybody else have had a bad experience with Sony Canada? When placing an order from sony.ca website to Canada user using US method of payment? and get this... If the sales rep messes up or typo on the address or on the order and you catch that in confirmation and call them back the only way to fix that I was told was to cancel the order and reorder and get charged twice for the conversion rate on the currently from credit card is your problem not Sony's even tho they are the one who messed up... did not expect this from Sony... very very disappointed.

    I usually don't but I had a short notice since the laptop I needed was to be custom made and for a student who goes to school in Canada and me personally buying it in US wasn't an option since if there were any issues it could be looked at but I was wrong. I would've been much better going with a different brand... All Sony products are out of my list of brands now... If they can't man up to their sales reps mistakes and take care of the situation they don't deserve my business.

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  • Personally, I've only ever had poor customer experience from Sony. Once they even lied and said my call records were deleted by a system crash shortly after my last call, which is why they hadn't done what they were supposed to have done.

    How'd you know when I called, if the records were deleted?

    I buy their headphones, but that's it. Anything expensive that might go wrong, I'll buy from a competitor.

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