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  • One thing that's always rubbed me the wrong way about SLED focused websites is that all the nice things about the general retail site are gone and you're stuck clicking links to PDFs and Word DOCs. Those should be webpages just like the parts of the site aiming at other industries.

    I've always started at the general retail portion of a vendor's website then looked at the SLED site once I found the solution I was looking for. The only reason I looked at the SLED page was because I keep hoping to find something useful there...there never is.

    Never been one myself to look for solutions - I usually am looking for products. I've generally got a good idea what I want for a solution already by the time I've gone to a vendor's website. Especially in Gov't, unless you already have a relationship with the vendor you're probably not interested in solutions. You're double checking a consultant's recommendations or looking into a specific product because a colleague in another agency uses it.

    Good luck with the overhaul!

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  • Hi Nate,

    Thank you so much for the insight! I really appreciate it.

    If it's too much trouble, I'd like to ask a follow-up question. Do you have any suggestions of what would be useful info? My colleagues thought sharing government-specific links, i.e. like eRate info for Education, is helpful, but I was wondering if people directly involved would already know these sites and it would just be clutter (I call it a link farm). I have some ideas for content now percolating in my mind. Thanks for that!

    Best regards!


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  • Personally, I'd like to see the information on the products first and then see examples of how the products are being used in different agencies. Kind of the opposite of the Solutions approach, if you know what I mean.

    I think you're right about the information for programs like eRate. That's information that can be given out when it comes time to talk about budgets and how to pay for a solution.

    Getting information out of the PDF's and Whitepapers an onto webpages would be a huge improvement. As soon as I'm stuck with downloading docs I stop looking at the content. More case studies, real-world examples, documentation on interoperability, comparisons to other products. As long as they're web content and not PDF's and DOCs.

    Oh, and links to contract price sheets. Pricing is practically public info anyway. It just takes a little Google searching for the board minutes at some local gov't to find out what they paid...no use in making public employees try to drag info out of account reps who go through a big quote process and sales theater. We don't make the decisions anyway!

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  • Hi Nate,

    Thank you again for your insight! I was on vacation last week (Cancun - woo hoo!) and haven't had the chance to let you know I really appreciate it!


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