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  • The reason you never will find what you are looking for is sql is the easiest way to grasp data. You are looking for something easier than sql. Plenty of have tried, all fail, because using the result always is harder than using sqlFor someone first learning to use sql, maybe a tool for translating could be made, to someone through getting something started. For serious work, you can resist sql but you never can get around it with something easier.

    UPDATE: nobody wants to give credit for an answer they don't like, very understandable.

    I just wonder why not a single recommendation for a SQL builder has been posted. Perhaps I am in error, and then again, perhaps the truth is what I wrote .as a reference, today I was introduced to a SQL builder as good or better than any I ever saw. Unfortunately, it is inside a system that is as closed as any system, so it is not free or public. It will build any SQL you could need. If it was free I would recommend it and experiment with it to improve my ability to write queries.

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