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  • Daren at Work wrote:

    the initial setup was named and created as needed (Person@Company.com - Domain is already purchased).   It feels like I am missing a step here.   I doubt that I can use the same name.

    Since that's a custom domain name (and a business account gets created with a unique vanity domain... domain123.onmicrosoft.com), I think what you're referring to is the email address of the person who registered it, you can use the same email address to register multiple tenants.

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  • Daren at Work wrote:

    one cannot just upgrade the license on the account, but a new account must be made and then all the items must be transferred to the new account. 

    This is correct, info must be transferred from the personal account to the new business account in the new business tenant.

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  • Daren at Work wrote:

    Can I use the same domain and user account in the Business setup before linking the MX Records?

    This comes up when switching tenants, where you just have to remove the custom domain (such as domain.com... not the vanity domain such as domain.onmicrosoft.com, that stays with the tenant), add the custom domain to the other tenant and you can then update the MX record.

    When you add the custom domain to the new tenant, if the registrar allows for a login (GoDaddy being one example) then you can have the records automatically updated/added right from within M365 when adding the custom domain.

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  • A lot to unpack here.

    Can you tell us about the current setup?

    I'm assuming your client has a private domain - we'll use acme.com - you mentioned this domain was setup by someone else - who actually owns the domain name?  That someone else, or your client?  if it's anyone other than your client - you should advise them to change that to the the client ASAP (control is 99.9% ownership in this case).

    Next - where is the email hosted for acme.com right now?

    Since personal accounts have no actual connection to an email system, there isn't any type of domain.onmicrosoft.com account.  this means that the user at acme.com account is attached to that personal account - at one time (not sure this is still the case) you could have both a business account and a personal account with the same email address.  This lead to all types of confusion and I believe that MS no longer allows this (but I could absolutely be wrong on that).
    To that end - you'll need to change the personal account away from user at acme.com to some other account (on a completely different domain) to free up the use of your vanity domain for use on the business side.

    potential steps in this process (this assumes you're not using a vanity domain on consumer Outlook.com)

    1) make sure you have acme.com's DNS credentials so you can update the records

    2) Create new O365 Business account with acme.onmicrosoft.com - create an admin account that's different from the main username (this account does not require a license)

    3) add vanity domain to O365 Business account (add acme.com verified through DNS record creation)

    4) create desired user in O365 Business account (license this user)

    5) Change MX record to deliver email to O365 Business (make sure email is being delivered to O365 Business)

    6) import email from old email system into O365 Business (might be best to wait 72 hours before doing this to ensure all email is now being delivered only to O365 Business)

    7) update all software/devices to the O365 Business account

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