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  • Define 'best'

    your definition may not be the same as other peoples, what specifics do you need, what would be nice to have?

    Have you tried HDS by Spiceworks?

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  • Rod-IT wrote:

    Define 'best'

    The OP attached the constraint to solutions you have tried so far. So I interpret that he expects that you used your definition of best when you tried, accepting that you definition is unlikely to be identical to his and may eventually partially overlap with his.

    Rod-IT wrote:

    your definition may not be the same as other peoples

    That's implied by the constraint of his question. But it is worth emphasizing to make it explicit and not just implicit.

    Rod-IT wrote:

    Have you tried HDS by Spiceworks?

    Some Spiceheads have already requested to make the Spiceworks solutions open source. But as far as I know, Spiceworks has not yet responded to such requests and not yet made neither Spiceworks Help Desk Server (HDS) nor the discontinued Windows desktop edition open source. But my perception might be limited and outdated.

    HDS is freeware but probably still not open source. I've not tried yet HDS. As its active development has been paused by Spiceworks, I expect it to still have some of the bugs recently fixed for Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk (CHD) as they shared the same code base before suspension of HDS active development. There has been a patch for a few security issues back in December 2021 for HDS. But otherwise bugs discovered in CHD should still be present in HDS too. But as I did not yet have time to try it, I can't confirm.

    ssaa2 wrote:

    Could you please let me know what is the best on-prem free/open-source ticketing system which you tried?

    I've tried only few freeware and few open source ticketing systems. And when I tried those, my focus was usually on different aspects, not on ticketing. Due to EOL announcement of the discontinued freeware Windows edition of Spiceworks Inventory, I tried GLPI IT and Asset Management Software​. Spiceworks Inventory and GLPI have an embedded ticketing system. The one coming with Spiceworks Inventory was limited in customizing its workflow. And I didn't try the one coming with GLPI. GLPI offered a close integration with Open-source Ticket Request System (OTRS) NG. I didn't try this one neither. GLPI is supported on more platforms than OTRS NG. My evaluation platform supported GLPI but not OTRS NG. According to what I've heard, such combination of GLPI with OTRS NG should make a good candidate.

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  • My vote goes to GLPI

    I've been using it for years, rich in features and functionality, and meets your free/open-source requirements. 

    Though I've found that most Linux distros don't always maintain the latest versions in their package manager, so you must install manually from tarballs if you want the latest version (as an example, Debian last officially supported GLPI 0.84.8 but was removed around 2016 as the package maintainer stopped supporting it and nobody has volunteered to continue his work)

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