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  • Davinci Resolve has a really great Subtitler built into it. I used it a lot to put lyrics on screen during lockdowns for Online Worship.

    And it is included in the free version.  

    Plus you get Node based effects, a full Audio Suite, Fantastic Color Controls...

    It's the Bee's Knees... I have used it for several years, and am just now running into situations where I am considering the Paid Version, which is $299... ONE TIME... NO subscriptions!

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  • Does the DaVinci Resolve subtitler create actual subtitles or does it just embed the subtitle text into the video as a graphic? True subtitles are far more useful than pictures of text in the video as they can be turned off if you don't need them, to preserve the original image integrity, or, with many viewers, automatically translated to other languages so that you are not only supporting those that can read English, but a whole range of viewers (with the typical auto-translation quality caveats). Additionally, some viewers will also use this data to make transcripts available which can be handy for any number of uses. Plus, with real subtitles the viewer can do things like adjust font, size, color, background, transparency and such. 

    I have seen many a creator that just embeds text in their video and thinks they have solved the accessibility issue, but it is only a baby step that serves one audience in a limited manner when for roughly the same amount of effort they could have had true captions which would provide more services to a wider audience. Sometimes they even put far more effort into it with the text appearing in different places on screen so as to not cover up something on screen which, while thoughtful, actually turns reading captions into a bit of a pain as the viewer has to constantly scan the entire screen to make sure they are not missing anything which leaves less time for the viewer to see the content of the video itself. Additionally, some animate their text with transitions or graphical effects which can make it even more distracting for the entire audience and harder to read for those who need it.

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  • Did you do a google search?

    https://nikse.dk/SubtitleEditOpens a new window

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