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  • I had a position coach on my college football team that I talked with regularly. He knew I was kind of a shy/quite person so he made it a point to come over and talk with me whenever he saw me. Usually to just chat about my shoes that I was wearing for the day, my school work, and life in general. He knew I struggled with anxiety during my early college years but he always reassured me that things take time. He always believed in my potential as a player and as a student. He told me that life is a marathon, not a sprint. I have heard that quote a couple times but for some reason when he said it, it just stuck a little more with me that day. I am grateful for having a mentor like him in my life and helping me through an uneasy and tougher time in my life. 

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  • It was a fun interview. This was also very real and I seriously considered getting out of IT a few years back, it got so bad. 

    Don't let it get bad. When you start to feel burnout, take a step back and look at what you can do for you. Not what more you can do to satisfy others who can never be satisfied.  

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