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  • Try this: -

    Hold Power and F8 for 30 seconds


    Power plus Windows plus B for 30 seconds

    or last

    Power plus Windows plus V for 30 seconds

    After that, call HP!

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  • Generally when I do the hold power down trick, I take out the batteries if easily done, take out power supply, I then hold down the power button for perhaps a minute and whilst holding it down go round and press every other button.

    I think you are now into more drastic action if the above does not work. You first of all check that the power button connections look OK. If so strip out the motherboard and as much as you can off it and try a solder reflow. For you a solder reflow can be done by heating up an oven to 200 deg C, pop the board in for 5 mins, open oven door and switch it off, don't move board until it has cooled down. You can reassemble the minimum bits, use external keyboard, display no hard drive, a stick of RAM and hope it works. If ir does not then a new one is required.

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  • https://youtu.be/MH7KYmGnj40

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  • Thank you all for the help.

    Laptop is doing many strange things now including BSOD, booting and sitting at smart start screen with the circle icon spinning. Has a damaged wifi antenna socket on motherboard and had screen issues so will strip for parts.

    Got another on the same day that just never turned on again. Parts too.

    jessevas​ thanks for the laugh.

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