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  • jv1982 wrote:

    We have a customer that sends us a lot of emails and a majority of the time, the emails are originating from Brazil and thus quarantined as we block all emails originating outside of the US.

    I didn't get if this customer is in Brazil or in US. If he is in Brazil and your customer, it would make sense to allow emails from Brazil into your email server. And if there is just one email address from Brazil used, you may combine your configuration to allow connections from Brazil but less pass only that single and known email address to your email server.

    • Are you blocking IP addresses at network level or are you blocking emails based on top level domain?

    jv1982 wrote:

    He uses a Hotmail account and I was wondering if he has the option to select that he wants all of his emails to originate from the US or if that's not something that's possible?

    I'm not aware of such a configuration option in hotmail. But I don't have a hotmail email address. And it is already several years ago that I last assisted a user with a hotmail email account. So things and configuration options may have changed in the meantime. But I don't expect such an option, at least not for standard hotmail accounts. And I don't know if such a feature would exist for premium accounts but don't expect one neither.

    I'm even not sure if using a VPN connection for accessing his hotmail account would change the origin.

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  • Sorry, the user is in the US but a majority of the time it's routing his emails through Brazil. We block based on the country of the mail server.

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  • can you add that one email address to a safe senders list?

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  • No idea if you can even do that with any vendor and would not expect it being possible with account originating from hotmail.
    What are you trying to accomplish for him, just getting his e-mail from  him to you or would he like to get his mail into everybody's inbox that he sends it to?
    I'm sitting here thinking he has many things being heavily weighted against him and it being from Brazil is not important.
    * Once upon a time hotmail was known as a source of non-tech people and a lot of spam comes from there.   I am sure many places still know that and block on this.
    * If you want to send bulk e-mail you have to get your domain up to par with DKIM, SPF and DMARC records.
    * Using a personal mail account to try to do the job of bulk e-mail is the wrong answer you are fighting against systems, infrastructure and heuristics that are designed for personal e-mail inbox, likely free and low volume.     You aren't going to win.      A real business that values their brand and reputation needs to go to a vendor that is built for bulk e-mail.
    * blocking by geo-location is very rough and quite problematic.   Again go to a vendor and use a service built for what you are doing.  
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  • I believe they are sent from Brazil as it's a lot hotter there

    Untested http://www.freeemailtutorials.com/windowsLiveHotmail/configureHotmailSettingsOptions/change-hotmail-...

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  • Instead of making accommodations for him. Request he use a GMAIL account. 

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  • In Office365, you can create an exception for one email address, or even an entire domain to bypass country blocking.  If you cannot, perhaps it depends on how you are blocking the country of Brazil.

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  • Have him use gmail?

    I doubt users have any control over the country of origin for hotmail servers.

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  • I know in an IronPort you can whitelist a single email address and have it bypass the country checks.

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