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  • we used dell avamar before.. didnt care for it. we now run cohesity.

    it has all that you want and the company is growing they ended up with one of the big wigs from VMware as their CEO.

    if i had to guess i would say the price is going to go up but comparatively it was about the same as the others

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  • Interesting -- thanks for the recommendation

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  • Veeam B&R

    https://www.veeam.com/products-edition-comparison.html?st=adwordspaidsearch&ad=sitelink&utm_...Opens a new window

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  • spicehead-a5r2o wrote:

    Veritas Backup Exec fulfills all these requirements and even more from one single, unified solution.

    https://www.veritas.com/form/trialware/backup-execOpens a new window

    Are you sure that there are backup solutions that support clustering (Windows clustering or SQL clustering) ??

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  • I think you need to look carefully at what you need as you may need more than 1 backup solution even if it is from the same brand ?

    For example you mentioned Veeam but you may need to have different Veeam products for different servers
    - VRB : Veeam Backup & Replication 11.x (either VMware or Hyper-v) for VMs
    - VAW : Veeam Agent for Windows (server) for physical servers

    But as Clustering is a "service" within the OS, most backup solutions can be cluster aware but would not backup clusters as these are still different OSe (VMs or physical servers).
    For example, we have SQL-A to SQL-B to SQL-C clusters but we only backup SQL-C as not to impact performance on both SQL-A & SQL-B but all 3 SQL servers (VM) are backup using VBR daily and SQL-C backup either hourly or 2 hourly using Veeam reverse incremental backup (depending on write speeds of the data repository).

    Then are your Linux servers running as VMs or physical servers ?

    What do you mean by the following ?
    - Granular Retention Policy
    - Granular Backup templates/schedules
    - Virtual Standby
    - Subnet IP templates re-assignment (DR-Failover)

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  • First, we (Managecast) are a Veeam Service Provider and 85% of our business is centered around Veeam so I suppose you could say I am biased - which is probably true. I'm also owner of the company and if there was something far superior I could change. We love Veeam. Our clients love Veeam.

    As for your specifics Veeam checks almost all of your boxes and I have a few comments as well:

    Immutability, check.  You can roll your own with Veeam Linux Hardended Repository, or we also support hardened linux repos with immutability as part of our service as well as additional immutability using Zadara

    Veeam, to my knowledge, does not support MFA - at least their core product: Veeam Backup and Replication. they do support it in other products like Veeam Service Provider Console. Of course you can add MFA to the Windows server running VBR, but the back end backup connections are not going to be MFA. Someone can correct me I am sure,

    File, VM, BMR recovery - yes, of course. (will also let you do granular AD object recoveries, mail message level, etc)

    Site-to-site replication (private cloud) - yep.

    Cloud support - Yes, we provide offsite backup and DR replication. You can get support from Veeam, but we (Managecast) also have 4 Veeam Certified Engineers, won the 2020 Veeam Innovation award for our Veeam portal, and in general walk, talk, sleep Veeam. Our job is to make backup and DR as easy as possible for our clients which includes a high level of support. If we can't fix it we have Veeam engineers dedicated to our account, access to service provider support forums, etc.

    IP Re-assignment for DR - We generally never re-ip customer networks in the DR environment. We virtualize the customer's private network behind a software firewall and maintain the original IP address space. We can even failover branch-offices and other networks into the DR environment.  You could re-ip, but we choose not to for our clients and we've not had issues. Also be sure to know about Veeam Network Extension appliance. It is one of the most powerful, underused, tools out there and is a beautiful thing.

    SQL Cluster Support - no problem.

    MYSQL - Yes, supported, but really need to know your Linux version to see if it's compatible with Veeam Agent for Linux.  Worst case you will need to backup the dump files.

    Windows, Linux (be sure to check Linux flavor/version)- yes

    Logging, alerts - yes, extensive. See the portal we created to trackOpens a new window: (oh and portal supports MFA!)

    Granular retention - retention is at the job level. You will need different jobs for different retention policies. Be sure to use Windows ReFS or Linux XFS if you need GFS retention. Otherwise storage will explode.

    Granular templates?  Honestly not sure on that one!  I have not heard of it in Veeam. Maybe someone else can comment?

    Scalability - yes, very large enterprise deployments into the petabytes

    Vendor support - Veeam is a $1 billion dollar software company. Combined with Managecast's 22 years in business and our relentless focus on Veeam I am not sure how you could be better supported.


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  • If you are looking just for the software, I would also suggest Veeam B&R, which we have been successfully using for years.

    If under new backup solution, you mean some sort of offering that includes backup storage, you should look for a backup appliance. If you need maximum backup speed and performance along with instant restore, a full-NVMe option like this one is a perfect fit https://www.starwindsoftware.com/backup-applianceOpens a new window. If scalability is of utmost importance, you should consider object-based backup appliances like https://objectfirst.com/Opens a new window. Both are built with with/for Veeam.

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  • spicehead-a5r2o​,

    Thanks for the Backup Exec mention.


    You might want to check out our recent post about how Backup Exec version 22 supports Office365. Here's the datasheetOpens a new window.

    Please contact Veritas SalesOpens a new window to confirm it meets all your needs.

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  • Thank you very much for mentioning our products. I appreciate that a lot!

    As mentioned, StarWind Backup Appliance can be a perfect backup option for your environment. It will play as a primary backup storage option and offers blazingly fast backups and restores while also letting you offload backups from it to either physical tape or the cloud automatically. Veeam is included, and the appliance comes entirely pre-configured according to your requirements and can serve air-gapped backup repositories as well. In addition, every appliance is covered by ProActive Support to minimize the possibility of hardware failures.

    Check the following link for more information https://www.starwindsoftware.com/starwind-backup-applianceOpens a new window, and be sure we will gladly migrate your existing backups at no additional cost.

    Gartner and Spiceworks links over here:

    https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/hyperconverged-infrastructure-software/vendor/starwindOpens a new window


    Feel free to DM me whether you have any questions, need some pricing ideas, or require my assistance.

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  • What do you mean by the following ?
    - Granular Retention Policy
    - Granular Backup templates/schedules
    - Virtual Standby
    - Subnet IP templates re-assignment (DR-Failover)

    Retention -- specify which VMs / Backup times are retained for what period of time

    Backup Templates/Schedules --  Not all vm's/data sources need to be backed up as often, eg: Webserver has almost no changes, backup once daily, but Fileshare every hour...

    Virtual Standby -- Solution does it's scheduled incremental, then immediately updates the "standby virtual" vm on hypervisor HOST with the latest incremental.   Good for fast fail overs, don't need to wait for backup solution to export restore point to a HOST.

    Subnet IPs Templates-- stepping in DR territory, bringing up VMs on a secondary site if primary is down.-- auto assignment of IPs on that site for VM's.

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  • We use Veeam Backup & Replication since 2012 to do a backup of 55 VMs (Windows and Debian Servers) on three VMware ESXi Hypervisors and are very happy with this solution.

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  • +1 for Veeam B&R

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  • Hey OP,

    I want to throw our name out there as a backup option. Check out our business options hereOpens a new window

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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