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  • Would something along the lines of this that's available with Teams work?
    Remote control my office computer using Microsoft Teams?

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  • For remote viewing, we use one of 2 ways:
    Teams Screenshare and SOS SPlashtop.
    SOS is nice because once it's initiated on the base PC- the viewers will have access to any other connections it makes (RDP, Cudalaunch sessions, ect).
    Teams Screenshare is quicker, but is very picky about which windows the viewers can and can not see. 
    Either way should do the trick!
    Best of luck! 
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  • IMPCRemote is cheap and may work for what your doing.

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  • do you have any virtual meeting, or remote control apps currently?

    Webex or zoom would be a good option to conduct the entire interview and both do screenshare.

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  • A few tolks asked. We are zoom users.
    The challenge is the fact that the interviewer is also off site to the VM so when they launch a Splashtop session to the machine, and then launch a zoom session and share the Splashtop session in the meeting THEN do share control it gets extremely choppy.
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  • Hi,

    If you have a NGFW or even a decent ish 3rd party router, then probably there is some VPN service avaialable to you and chances are it is openvpn or combatible with openvpn client.

    For example we use Watchguard firebox T80, it has VPN server, the user gets the OpenVPN client, cownloads a config file from the firebox directly, puts it in the required folder and connects with domain logon.  If not a domain then firebox users can be made to allow VPN access.

    Once connected RDP into VM just like you would from LAN, unless company/user internet is dire, you wont noticE any difference in speed

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