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  • Yes, my first IT job I was interviewed, sat in the main entrance for about twenty minutes, then offered the position. I went in for the interview at 1PM, walked out of the building at 5:30

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  • I didn't even make it to the interview. The employment consultant (this was back in 1982 and this was a government employment service) was chatting to me about what sort of part time job I was looking for as a Uni student. While we were talking, an employer rang him because a person supposed to be doing a holiday fill in did not turn up and they were desperate for someone. I was asked if I could drive a 2 ton truck and how soon could I start. I said as soon as I can go home (which was on the way) and change as it was a delivery driver job. So I didn't even make it to the business for an interview. 

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  • I was poached from three employers in the late 90's, usually customers that I was working on a project for while working at VARs.  Felt bad cause usually the VAR was kicked to the curb and not awarded any further projects. No interviews, no nothing.  A cold call offer or right in the middle of the project, of course I didn't say no. :)

    I certainly did not squander the opportunity but being early in my career it helped reinforce and enhance my skills and boost my self esteem, when at a time I was still wet behind the ears, but never walked away from a challenge regardless of how deep I was in over my head and now coming up on almost 40 years in the industry, I seek those long difficult projects and spend the rest mentoring my replacements for when retirement rolls up to the door.

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  • It's only happened to me a couple of times. I've gotten a lot of no's and lots of ghosting too. I've certainly been blessed the last couple of years. 

    Had a lot of fun interviewing with NetworkNerd​ and John White​, would strongly recommend adding the Nerd Journey podcast to your rotation. It's been on mine for a few years. 

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