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  • You can pull out the HDD and clone it to a new one. That at least keeps it going.

    Does the motherboard have a CMOS battery and if it does then you may just be lucky in that pulling it out will reset it. However, at about that time or a little earlier designs changed and that process would no longer work

    There is a method which might work for you https://davidzou.com/articles/bios-password-bypass  

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  • Thanks for that link.  I've been doing IT / Hardware repairs for almost 20 years and never knew that shorting out trick.

    I did try to remove the battery, however, this is a not-quite-so-standard setup - as it has some external capacitors that act like a battery and a few other items that keep power to the board pretty much all the time.  And I'm not certain, but they may even have the device/motherboard specifically made to prevent the battery loss from clearing the settings.

    At least I have a few things to try now!  If anyone has any other ideas or experience with these types of devices, I'm still all ears.

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