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    spicehead-t9urf wrote:

    I've been trying hard to proxy the traffic from a collection agent which should be connecting to api.spiceworks.com:443.
    • Why should the Spiceworks Collection Agent pass all its traffic via api.spiceworks.com:443?
    • Which details are the various log files of Spiceworks Collection Agent reporting about used proxies and used target URLs?

    The published documentation of Spiceworks Collection Agent does not go into so much details. Spiceworks has split up its background services in the past few years. So if traffic needed just a single URL several years ago, it may now need several URLs over which traffic might get split.

    spicehead-t9urf wrote:

    I've been trying hard to proxy the traffic from a collection agent which should be connecting to api.spiceworks.com:443. Unfortunatelly, the client is not registering itself on https://apps.spiceworks.com/tools/device-inventory.
    • What do you mean by registering itself on https://apps.spiceworks.com/tools/device-inventory?
    • How many Collection Agents did you install on how many devices?
    • How many Collection Agents did you see registered and how many registrations do you still missing of which devices?

    https://apps.spiceworks.com/tools/device-inventory is used for reporting which agents on which devices registered on that instance of Spiceworks Inventory Online resp. Spiceworks Connectivity Dashboard. The published documentation does not claim that the Spiceworks Collection Agent would use such URL for registration. And https://apps.spiceworks.com/tools/device-inventory and api.spiceworks.com:443 are two different URLs resp. part of URLs. In the device Inventory, you may see how many Collection Agents of which devices have registered themselves for your instance of Spiceworks Inventory Online.

    spicehead-t9urf wrote:

    Feels like I'm drowning in a glass of water... Any clue?
    • Did you try a sandbox or Wireshark​ on a device with Spiceworks Collection Agent to analyze traffic of that agent, in addition to analyzing the various traffic of that agent?
    • Why should this agent use the same URL for reporting data ob its collection feature as well as its monitoring feature?

    If you read the published documentation of Spiceworks Connectivity Dashboard, Spiceworks Inventory Online, Spiceworks Collection Agent and the logs of this agent, you'll see that both sets of features are implemented by this agent. I don't know why this agent should report its data of both feature sets to the same URL. In addition, the collection feature has a known bug with lacking support for international characters while the Connectivity Dashboard is not affected.

    When running the Collection Agent in a debugging sandbox, you may intercept all traffic and forward it as intended. Analysis of such intercepted traffic may allow you to determine what you may need for proxy configuration as far as encrypted traffic is supported by your proxy.

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