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  • How long do you need it to be able to run for?  That's a question that's necessary in order to select the correct UPS.

    We use APC Amart-UPS units in our office.  It's what I'm happy and most comfortable with.  Others have promoted Eaton as a good option.

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  • This would probably do what you need.


    This would be an external battery pack for the unit in the above link if you needed longer runtime.  You can daisy chain up to 4 of the battery packs.


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  • Here's a post that will link to the various UPS selectors from the different manufacturers here: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/297377-how-to-size-your-next-ups

    Here's the Eaton equivalent for the APC model: https://www.eaton.com/us/en-us/skuPage.5P1500.html

    And the Tripp Lite equivalent as well: https://www.tripplite.com/smartpro-120v-1-5kva-900w-line-interactive-sine-wave-ups-tower-snmp-card-o...

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  • i just want to toss out that the APC Smart-UPS 1500XL I linked to is an online UPS and also has expansion capability via battery packs if longer runtime is needed later (or even right away if the unit itself is good, but lacks sufficient runtime otherwise).

    Here's a link regarding online vs line-interactive UPS units.  In a nutshell, online UPS units are the superior option.


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  • You really cannot go wrong if you stick with any of the three mentioned here. I currently have mostly APC units, I just had an older 1500 fail on me. The display suggests that the AVR relay is welded. We have really bad power as we are two blocks from several wood chip mills. Handily I had a spare 750 chassis and the batteries were a direct swap so I was up and running in about 15 minutes.

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  • I have several of the SMT1500 out there, mostly rack as well as some tower units.  No issues really.  Have you checked the runtime chart to make sure it will support the load?

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  • I'm a fan of CyberPower. They offer the same quality and features as APC and the other brands in that class, but at a lower cost.

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  • We have literally 20 or more of these APC 1500 tower models on our plant floor (they fit our tiny IDFs better than rackmount).  These things take a beating. Dusty environments in hot ceilings on 24x7x365.  We have no generator backup, so these take heavy loads several times a year for power outages.

    Life expectancy for a battery for us is about 2-3 years.  Runtime for our equipment (lite load, about 10-15%) is about 20 minutes.  We've replaced older 1000VA APCs... those were roughly 8-12 years old. Some just lost their mind, battery replacements didn't get them going again. Since they were already depreciated, we moved on.

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  • I've really only used Tripp Lite UPS in the past but Eaton has some great products that I've been looking into, I don't know if you can really go wrong with any of the suggestions.

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  • All UPS units should run on filtered mains. At my last job at a school, I noticed the lights flickering for general use. I downed tools and as a key holder headed to the I.T. lads as I knew something would have gone BLAAM! Sure enough, they called for me on the radio. A whole quadrant of the school was down. I used my keys to get into the classroom and the stench of fried chips (electronic) was in the air. When went into the store room to the UPS and the stench was eye-watering. Exit one UPS.

    The on-board filtering I would consider inadequate for the long-term survival from mains electrical nasties.

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