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  • 100 power cycles in 500 hours? Seems like a lot, or is this a device that is shut off every night or are there other issues with the system? I say that because typically when I run Crystal Disk info I see around 34K ours and 10 restarts.

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  • How accurate are these readings ?? 546 hrs is literally 22 days and power cycle 105 times ??


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  • If the disk is failing then the reallocated sectors will rise. When there are read errors and they are serious the hard drives logic will stop the use of those sectors with errors on and reallocate the storage location to some other sectors it holds in reserve. It is only when the hard drive runs out of its reserve that it fails. The translation of RAW values into SMART values that the user easily understands is done by the disk manufacturer and not a transparent process. So it is possible that the RAW read error rate is within the limits set by the manufacturer. What does your SMART reading programme say about the state of the hard drive? In my experience CrystalDisk gives a pessimistic assessment of hard drives.  

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  • If anything in a disk's SMART shows a warning or failure, replace it. The end.

    Considering that disks fail with perfectly fine SMART reports if their internal checks are suggesting failure I would not take the chance.

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  • The Repairatrooper wrote:

    100 power cycles in 500 hours?

    The OP did not claim that the reported disk would be in a server!

    lucnetavat wrote:

    Shall we replace it ?

    Replacement doesn't hurt.

    Peter described the process. So sooner or later, the disk will fail and it is good to be prepared in order to limit impacts and impact time.

    • With around 500 hours of operations, is the disk still under warranty?

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  • Hi, and welcome to the Community!
    First of all, try using a different tool to read the SMART values (preferably from the disk vendor). This way, you can double-check those values and make sure it is not a misinterpretation. If other tools show the same values, backup your data and replace the disk.
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