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  • Outlook uses a left to right search engine technique when trying to match unknown addresses. Depending on whether they have sent an email to both or not would make a difference. Once you have sent to both addresses it will give you a list showing both addresses from their suggested contacts list. searching the global address list will bring up all entries containing that partial entry as well. Seems to search by default in most cases as you are asking, but I can't confirm without purging my suggested contacts as to whether its the default when typing in an unknown address from the middle. It searches both name and email address in most cases or even the other fields to find matches.

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  • I tested and, as you said, it searches from left to right and not in the middle... It searches the displayed name, it does not search in name or surname...

    Search in middle of the string works in Select Names window, if you select multiple columns - this is, of course, a problem for users :)

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