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  • Why not use the local router ?

    If you want a centralized DHCP server you can add an IP helper Address - configured on the local switch or Router that points to the Central DHCP Server/s and it will allocate IP addresses to the respective subnets. 

    Whichever DHCP server responds first will allocate the IP address.

    ThE DHCP Servers cannot ovelap the IP address ranges if having two running consecutivlely.  

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  • ipam is a concept. IP address management. could be a spreadsheet, could be your dhcp scope (enter reservations for static devices etc to track) could be MS naf gui thing etc.

    for failover just any other windows server will do - add the scope, set your router to forward dhcp to second server also. then either use HA to share the pool, or have half the available addresses on 1 server half on the other.

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  • I second m@ttshaw.

    Deploy another Windows Server on-prem, add the DHCP role and setup DHCP Failover feature.

    I would like to add that multiple helper addresses should not be used in a DHCP Failover scenario as the DHCP Discover request will be sent to both servers, a situation that could cause a conflict.

    Just one helper address will suffice. The servers will replicate the lease information.

    Multiple helper addresses might only be used when the DHCP servers are not responsible for the same scope, for example, they share the scope 50/50.

    Greetings from Nairobi.

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  • If a second Ip helper is not specified from the remote site then it will not find the HA server​.


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  • Hello Jono.

    Thank you for your post.

    I wonder, though, wouldn't a conflict occur if DHCP Failover was configured in load balance mode?

    Update: Actually I think you're right.

    The client would Request one of the offers sent by the two servers and this lease would be replicated to the failover partner.


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