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    dfriend wrote:

    Our Helpdesk software began pulling out all attachments that are being sent from within our organization via the helpdesk

    • And which undisclosed Spiceworks Help Desk software do you have?
    • What do you mean by pulling out of all attachments, like in removal and loss or like in copy and disclose or like in presentation, and how do you distinguish between these different kinds of pulling out attachments?
    • How did you observe and detect such pulling out of all attachments?
    • How did you observe and detect such pulling out to concern all attachments and not just a subset of attachments?
    • Does your issue persist?

    I would be glad to quickly see already which tickets do have attachments at all without needing to open each ticket individually. I would be glad if option for adding attachment would be added to some other Spiceworks solutions like Spiceworks Vendor Contracts.

    Some more details for your topic might help. I could not make the observation you made. But I don't use Spiceworks Help Desk much. I use more of legacy Windows edition Spiceworks Inventory, and the supported editions Spiceworks Inventory Online, Spiceworks Vendor Contracts. I haven't seen attachments supported in those supported Spiceworks editions I use, only in the legacy Windows edition which is already out of support for 10 months.

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