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  • Hey Ryan,

    I work for a mid-sized law firm, 50 attorneys.  Storage, um well yep it isn't getting any smaller, that's for sure.  Attorneys tend to keep everything forever, emails, documents, scans, depositions.

    We use email archiving to help with the email issue, but now our archiving solution has grown to be this massive beast.  I think for us creating and enforcing a retention policy would help.  The one thing about law firms is that we all work together yes, but an attorney has their own clients and it's sometimes hard to enforce firm-wide rules, because with 50 attorneys, that's really 50 businesses. 

    Litigation typically requires a large amount of short-term storage.  We find it hard to know where to keep this data and then it usually gets forgotten about and left on the network somewhere.  It would be nice if we had a solution to handle short-term data that will be purged at some point, as I don't really want to store it on our SAN.

    I don't know if that helps at all, but that's some stuff that we deal with.


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  • Very helpful info, Todd. Thank you!

    Keep 'em comin everyone!

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  • My wife is a lawyer at a big firm and she has been pretty scathing about some of the document management systems in terms of their search capability.

    Also a surprising % of law firms use Lotus Notes.

    Yes, it's shit and yes they know Notes is shit, but once you've caught Notes in a firm it can be very expensive to get cured.

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  • I work at a mid size law firm. Just over 200 attorneys. The storage issues we have seen are in line with the first response. We have gotten past the email archiving by going with a hosted solution.

    The bigger issue we face is litigation storage. It is short term storage, but mostly consisting of video, pictures..... We also have e-discovery appliances that essentially (temporarily) will keep 2 copies of data. At any given time we are using 3-5TB of storage for litigation. We have contemplated finding a cheaper san for this type of data, but haven't really come up with a good solution.

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