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  • Howdy!

    First off, if AD is the repository for your directory information, you should likely be using Google Cloud Directory Sync to push users, groups, etc from AD to Google.


    And maybe Google Password Sync


    GWPC is a great tool, but it doesn't really "sync" with AD - it can coexist though. We often use it with AD as a transition tool as we move toward the elimination of AD (if that is the client's desired end state.) But, if you intend to keep AD, probably the biggest benefit would be extending 2fA to windows login using Google credentials.

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  • Thank you!  The Cloud Directory Sync tool looks like it will do what I was looking for. Was mainly looking for a way to automate suspending and removing unused accounts. I just found a huge discrepancy between the two, some removed from AD and not Google, and vice versa. 

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