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  • The ISP has given you only one useable public ip address

    You will need to create an internal network using private IP addressing and then translate this to the internet using NAT. This is the most common scenario because it keeps the internal network private - there will be no incoming connections unless you allow them.

    With your equipment you need to perform the NAT on the 2900 router. A NAT overload solution will work for simple outbound internet access.
    The router will need a WAN ip address of on the interface to ISP, set the default route to the ISP Then test internet.
    On the internal network interface you will need to use a private ip range.

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  • Hi Matt thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

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  • pandawid wrote:

    what ip address scheme shall i use for my internal network

    Most people use 192.168.xxx.xxx/ IP address scheme for internal networks. I do not recommend using 192.168.1.xxx as the range and do not recommend using 192.168.xxx.1 as the gateway IP address. Everything else is totally up to you.

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  • Thanks so much, I really appreciate your advice. 👍

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