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  • Do you configure routers and switches? if yes and your Cisco certfied then your a network engineer and severely underpaid.

    What do you other team members do?

    With the exception of your database stuff, 64k is top end for a Tier 2 desktop support which is a better title for what your doing. You should also be hourly pay, not salary, thus getting overtime.

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  • Hi Mr-Tohny,

    I know someone that actually recently gave notice that has a very similar position as yourself, albeit it's for a staff of ~100 but for two distinct locations:

    - Systems administration:: Manage over 20 virtual machines: couple of windows for AD and WSUS but mostly Linux (which the admin also setup from scratch),  backup solution with Veeam  

    - Network administration:: from Site-site VPN to VLAN to fail-over connection to cabling. 

    - Software development::  Develop and maintain in-house software solutions and integrate with other software (this includes database setup, management of Firebird, PostgreSQL, mySQL and a couple I cannot recall the names of but less common)

    - Technical support:: Provide support for the developed software and end user support

    This person is an invaluable key asset and I know there is another person that has been working (source) with the whole environment for > 5 years and still does not know the level of depth the current admin has. 

    Personally, I think this admin should be part-owner or shareholder as this person also develops the software that saves the business money and automates a lot of processes, But I do not know the agreement and the decision pieces behind it.  $75K USD

    If your job responsibilities has, as such changed so significantly and this was not reflected by your salary, you should consider speaking to your manager. Highlight the additional responsibilities that were not part of the hiring agreement. 

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  • Hello Don,

    I do configure routers and switches to an extent, however I am not Cisco Certified. My role has me doing "What ever is needed" in IT. I will do port settings, route statements, setting up new vLans, etc... But the next minute help fiscal data merge several documents together. It's feels like my job is a jack of all trades. Thank you for your input it is very much appreciated.

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  • Hello Richard,

    I'm also responsible for going back and forth between our hospital and clinic locations to help both locations and IT needs.

    Good to hear there are others who have such a "diverse?" Job position.

    Thank you for your input! It is much appreciated.

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  • My opinion is that when you're at the level that you can perform advanced configuration on a router or switch your in the 90k range minimum.
    Your hands on experience will also trump most Cisco cert requirements.
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  • Hi Don,

    Thank you for all the information and opinion! It really helped!

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