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  • Peter9416 wrote:

    Is the KMS key for Server 2022 in our VLSC  for setting up a KMS server and not actually for licensing the windows server 2022?

    Yes.  Keys and licenses are completely different things.

    Peter9416 wrote:

    Is it a Microsoft Generic Volume License Key (GVLK) i need to add to the KMS server that will be used to license the Windows Server 2022?


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  • Peter9416 wrote:

    when i have looked online i keep getting told all i have to do is use  'slmgr /ipk xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx'

    is this not to change the actual product Key for the 2012 server that the KMS host is on rather than adding a new key to the KMS for licensing the 2020 server?

    This puts the KMS key on the local server (not the host) so that the local machine knows it's supposed to check in with KMS for activation.

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