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  • They might get me once or twice (for pattern), but after that, I would bill them for the advice if they try again.

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  • akITguy wrote:

    I even recently had a customer who I setup a network/cameras for, go through and pass that information on to another tech company to have them mirror that configuration and brand at another property.  Then ask me on behalf of the other tech company "Hey, we are having a hard time sourcing these parts... who is your supplier."

    It really depends on where you are in building a reputation. If it was me and where i am at now i would tell the client that will be happy to help them transition to the other company. Then bill them for every time the new company calls me for help. I can do this because I document everything with the idea I drop dead the new company can pick up it up  by just reviewing what i call the "Operations Manual" 
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  • "I don't appreciate being cut out of this relationship in this way. I offer competitive pricing and it makes me a bit resentful that you aren't letting me price match, this is quite literally my livelihood as a business owner and I'm doing my best to provide a high integrity service to your business." Or...

    "My contract with you states that to engage with my IT services, you must purchase everything from me but you're welcome to see other bids. We can discuss pricing if you feel my bid is too high. If you are not comfortable with these terms, you are welcome to use a new IT service provider."

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  • A very long time ago, I had an enlightened client who did something like this. They decided to install an AV product without asking for advice. They were confident - after all, Id spent weeks training them! LOL. Well, the product arrived, on a Friday afternoon, they decided to instal it. The DC immediately crashed a bunch of stuff bringing the entire network to a halt. They paid late Friday night rates for me to drive up and fix it. But they stayed great clients for years as a result. 

    Sometimes clients do what they do - and you just fix it, bill them accordingly, and move on.

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