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  • Where are you doing the forwarding? On a user record?

    I assume you're forwarding to an external number on the user record.

    I'm on a really old version of IP Manager - but I guess the basics haven't changed significantly....

    Put that external number in as  shortcode and in there you can specify the line group ID used - I use ARS to provide a logical route so even if lines are not available, the call can still go through.

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  • Thanks Andrew_F. After creating the short code how would I use ARS to create the logical route ? 

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  • your choice in the shortcode is for the Line Group ID - so if you have lines 0-3 (4 lines) and select the shortcode to dial out via LineGroupID 0 - if that line is not available (ie busy or out of service) - the code will fail.

    Create an ARS record and in the code box you put your codes (eg ? will select all calls) and which physical line you want them to go out on - above that you can select your Out of Service & Hours route and below you can select Alternate route with priorities.

    I use this method to force mobile calls over an old premicell unit and then can direct calls over our two data lines.

    The inbuilt help is very good - read up on that.

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  • You need to check System > Telephony and make sure "Inhibit Off-Switch Forward/Transfer" is NOT checked

    On each line, on the Analogue Options tab, make sure "Allow Analog Trunk to Trunk Connect" IS checked

    Each line, on the Line Settings tab, has an Incoming Group ID, and an Outgoing Group ID. Leave the Incoming Group ID's alone. On the lines that you want regular users to dial out on first, leave the Outgoing Group ID set to 0, on the lines that you want to use for forwarding, set the Outgoing Group ID to 1

    Copy and Paste your 50:Main ARS. Rename 51 to Overflow & Forwarding. On each entry, change the Line Group ID from 0 to 1, Back on 50:Main, set the Alternate Route to 51:Overflow & Forwarding

    Create a User to be permanently forwarded to the outside number. Uncheck Voicemail On, on Telephony > Supervisor Settings, give it a login code (to make it a hot-desk user), on the Forwarding tab check Forward Unconditional, Forward Hunt Group Calls, and Forward Internal Calls. Enter the forwarding number as 912223334444 (include the 9, include the 1, include the Area Code and telephone number. On the Short Codes tab for the user, add 9N / Dial / N / 51:Overflow & Forwarding

    Regular users, dialing 9 to make an outside call, will use the regular lines first, and if both are already in use, automatically use the forwarding lines. 

    The Forwarding User, dialing 9 plus the telephone number for forwarding, will only use the forwarding lines.

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  • TouchToneTommy  ARS 51 is set up Call Routing if renamed will it affect ​anything? Also attached is a snippet of the shortcode creation was it done properly?

    attach_file Attachment ShortCode.PNG 3.11 KB
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  • Well, several have already expressed their opinion, but the important thing that should be contributed is that while the call is not received through that line the system will make the call, as there are 4 lines, they could be configured with a different ID to make calls and always stop last option the line to forward the calls, unless it is left out but if the users make many calls then they will have 3 lines and not 4, since you are leaving this line to be able to forward that call.

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  • If you already have an ARS 51, then you need to do more detective work, to follow the call flow for a regular user dialing out, perhaps the 50:Main ARS is not being used, and a custom ARS 51 was added. In that case, treat my notes where 50 is called out as 51, and when my notes reference 51 use 52.

    Without seeing a copy of your IP Office configuration, it is hard to know what you've already got set up. You could save a copy of your config, reopen it in Manager, change things like phone numbers and IP addresses for privacy, and then post it.

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  • TouchToneTommy see attached configuration file.​

    attach_file Attachment Configuration.csv 834 KB
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  •  Sorry, the configuration.csv export will not give me what I need (and it doesn't seem to have exported properly)

    Open the live configuration in Manager, click File > Save Configuration As.... and save to your local drive. It is not necessary to set a password if prompted.

    Next close the configuration in Manager, and open the saved configuration (.cfg) file. Make any changes you want to the names, phone numbers, IP addresses you want, then Save it again as a local file. 

    Post that, and I'd be happy to have a look

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