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  • As Open Licenses are usually with a contract so that you can include and/or even add SA to the contract, they cannot be split or transferred unless due to special conditions such as splitting of entities (company spin off).

    The T&Cs are within your Open Licenses T&Cs & ELUA which you are able to obtain from your MSVL site.

    However please do have a confirmation email from your Microsoft authorized reseller (not somebody that sells MS products, but somebody MS recommends) as your terms might be different based on location or other T&Cs.

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  • 1905Tracy wrote:

    Are MS perpetual licenses transferable? 

    Say company A has got a project from Company B. Can Company B transfer or assign licenses ( MOLP Licenses ) to employees of company A who are currently working on the project

    Not that I've seen.

    Kelly for Trusted Tech Team​ - are you aware of any way to do this?

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