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  • MSP's are great for learning and utilizing new tech in various orgs doing various things. it is great to get a broad spectrum of tech and all its eccentric uses

    I would harp on learning and utilizing tech that works within your job role.

    A good way of quantifying these skills would be certs.

    eg ..  Azure Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Solutions Architecht , VMWare, citrix, etc ...

    Make your goals reasonable and obtainable !

    I would put the first one as understanding the goals, structure, and intricacies, of the MSP you work at.

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  • After a month on the job you should already have a good feel for where the organization's technical pain points are.  Organize these and use them as your short term objectives along with how you'll know if you've met them.  Heck, I had this figured out after my interviews for my current job - I arrived on day 1 with first week, remainder of month (started at mid-month), and three month goals.  No, I didn't meet them all, but they gave me a place to start making an immediate difference.

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  • As mentioned above, certs can certainly help validate the skills you've learned! Our Solutions Architect certification routes (Associate or Professional) could be just the right fit! The Associate route is meant for one year of experience solving problems and implementing solutions using the AWS cloud, and Professional is two years. If that is something you're interested in, feel free to reach out! 

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