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  • What type of communication security is being used? Upgrading to 7.4 automatically disables some TLS and SSL protocols. This may help:https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/configuring-your-ibm-i-system-secure-sockets-layer-ssltransport-la...

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  • Good point, hadn't thought to look at that as I was of course expecting if it's just a telnet session to the Digi from the iSeries it would just run.

    Will find out if the Digi units are at a back level\weaker cipher that isn't allowed, and how to set it if possible.  Or if it applies to this setup in the first place.

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  • gave that a whirl as i found the firmware was from 2018 and there was a newer version from 2020 specifically mentioning TLS versions changing.  also found that the advanced setting for enabling Binary mode hadn't been selected.  Have verified the port and ip, can ping the device from the 400. can telnet to the port and give it modem commands from putty.....still no joy.

    starting to wonder if i need to change the terminal type from the default vt100 on the digi.  the port is set to being a modem as it should be.

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  • As a further update, with IBM support we've verified that the most likely issue is that the Digi Portserver modem is set to DSR On, and we'll need it to be on when needed instead.  Fax 400 is expecting a switched line for the Async line description, unfortunately during the Create Fax Description Wizard you are not give the option to set the LinD to non-switched.

    Then of course that is a value that isn't an option to change in the LinD afterwards, and the Add Fax Card command to create the controller and device description can't just be point to a non-switched LinD....

    The IBM document does have instructions for the string to be used to set a Multitech modem to not be DSR On, however the command (even though it appears generic) does not seem to have the desired effect on the Digi Modem and following a reboot is still DSR On.   

    400 has zero problem communicating with the modem on a nonswitched async LinD and submitting AT commands with STRITF to dial a number work with no issue.  We're close, however stuck at the moment waiting for Digi to advise how to set DSR to not be On continuously, or for IBM to advise how to use a non-switched line with Fax400.  Unfortunately the one thing we don't have is another modem on hand....would almost be happy to see an old Penril 14.4k these days.

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