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  • You have options.

    One thing you could do, if this is a really important server, is to file a high severity support call with Microsoft. This is NOT free (most likely) but they have the skills to help you (probably!). 

    If that fails, then as an alternative, and this is what I would tell the client - without backups you are basically pretty much in the deep doo-doo.  And a full reinstallation is the best way forward (probably!). 

    This might be a good time to persuade them that having a good backup strategy. 

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  • Well, regarding backups we discussed already, this is large hospital and all purchases must go through public tender, meaning it happens regullary that hardware or software, which is offered for some purpose, it gets acknowledged year later and approved half or full year forward, so it is not available anymore or at least not for offered price. So technicians are sick and tired of tohse birocracy and neverending procedures, and the result is lack of critical infrastructure.

    Stil persuing the possible options.

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  • Is this server setup to boot with an EFI partition?

    If it's with EFI then this could be easy to rewrite.

    Diskpart and check your drives and list your volumes

    list disk to check what disks you have

    list vol to check what volumes you see

    If you know the EFI Volume for sure, verify it's vol number in the list vol command

    sel vol X

    Once selected give it a drive letter so you can see it

    assign letter=S

    Once the correct EFI is selected I'd just format and start new

    format fs=FAT32 label=UEFI

    exit - Use this to exit out of DiskPart because that work is done.

    While in the command prompt got to your Windows Directory of you current drive (Probably C:)

    goto C:\Windows and once there type the BCD commands to rebuild the EFI Partition

    bcdboot C:\Windows /s S: /f ALL

    This will rebuild your EFI partition and you can attempt to boot. This will rule out that the EFI Partition is corrupt.

    Let us know if it's not EFI as there are other options as well, but worst case, tfl​ is right that the company may need to pony up some money to get MS involved.

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  • So use the inbuilt backup feature of Windows Server. Not great but it works and is built in. You need to buy nothing except for somewhere to store the.backups.

    As an aside, not having backups may be non HIPAA compliant. I would be.very concerned on that point.

    Have you called MSFT?

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  • I'd try Hiren's BootCD PE ->  https://www.hirensbootcd.org/ to check out the discs and run some tests if the discs will allow. Of you can download an image of 2012 R2, burn it to a USB (rufus -> https://rufus.ie/en/) and boot it from the USB and select the repair option.

    As you don't have backups, how about cloning the disc before doing anything? -> https://clonezilla.org/

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  • grsl​, thank you, but I've already done all that. Tried Hirens PE and Strelec's PE on Win 8 and Win 10. But simply cannot repair - after any type of repair, Windows boot into repair mode, from there on I can just repeat what I described in opening post.

    Regarding clone, this is server with RAID, of which I cloned one of the disks before I did anything.

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  • If you have a free SATA port/slot on your server, insert an empty disk and do a fresh install of Windows 2012 R2 on that disk. Make sure not to provide RAID drivers to the installer, so your existing corrupted instance remains untouched. After the system is up and running, you can install the RAID drivers and use a BCD editor to add the previous OS to the boot menu. This way, your server will boot using the newly inserted disk and switch to RAID during Windows boot. That may fix the problem. If it does, you can try copying/cloning the boot files from the new installation to the old one.

    In general, if the medical software does not require running bare-metal, I would highly recommend you virtualize that instance on top of free Hyper-V using Microsoft Disk2VHD https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/disk2vhd or free V2V Converter https://www.starwindsoftware.com/starwind-v2v-converter. That makes fixing those kinds of problems much easier and quicker and lets you get rid of RAID-related boot issues.

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  • Have you tried Knoppix?  When I had a similar issue I was able to get the system to boot.  My issue was a slightly different it involved a boot file that was corrupted but it did let me access everything on the system.

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  • I have no problems accessing the data on disk, it just won't boot whatever repair I try.

    So I QUIT REPAIRING, formatted C:\ and reinstalled OS fresh. Thank you all for participation.

    BTW, beside Knoppix and Hirens DVD, there's also excellent newer tool from Sergei Strelec for all kind of repairs and data restore: https://sergeistrelec.ru/raznoe/203-winpe-10-8-sergei-strelec-x86-x64-native-x86-20210105-english-ve...

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