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  • Have you tried creating a 100% reservation for the CPU? This would eliminate the scheduling.


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  • I would first recommend that you run ESXi 6.5 or later.

    Then nothing that is CPU intensive would like VMs as compared to the physical machine as VM usually means you get to "share" server resources (RAM & IOPs mainly) with other VMs.

    Then you need to see where is your pain point ?
    - Assign as many CPUs to your VM (as much as you can spare, 16 cores)
    - Assign as much RAM to your VM (or at least 16GB) then see where the RAM usage tops out when running your conversion
    - See how much storage resources is being used when the conversion is running
    - Check if you have RAM or memory leaks (where cached RAM is very high, or more than 2GB and increasing). Use RAMMAP to see if RAM is being mapped into a file (clear standby list to see cached memory being freed). https://windowsreport.com/standby-memory/#:~:text=Solution%201%3A%20Install%20RAMMap&text=Click%....

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