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  • Despite me being subscribed to the Retail group, I'm more into distribution and warehousing, so my comments may not apply to your situation.

    We have three terminals at our location, used for B2B in-person and telephone sales. We used to have warehouse sales to get rid of scratch-and-dent, end-of-line, and one-off merchandise but no longer. We'd use those machines once to twice a year. Now two machines are idle each and every day. Long ago when we had the warehouse sales, my controller decided to buy two of these machines because they were a good deal (at the time); we have always rented the third. You'd think we'd use the purchased machines and ditch the rental after not having the warehouse sales, right? Nope, because the rental has much better rates and fees than the purchased devices (they're with different payment processors). Based on my experience, if you can rent and have the payment processor take care of everything, it may be worth your while. You can move your business to other processors when offered better rates so you're not stuck with a provider you despise and terminals that don't meet your needs any longer. Increase and decrease the number of terminals in proportion. Close down a register lane permanently? Return the unit and recoup the fees, no strings attached (depending upon your contract).

    From the machines we've had, jostling can be an issue. Many machines will fail when they believe they've been tampered with. So you'll want to ensure you mount units securely or risk needing to swap out units if dropped or abused. But generally speaking I have not had many issues with the units, however, my transaction and usage metrics would be far less than a retail establishment. Recently my purchased units needed a new trusted authority certificate installed. It could not be done remotely so I had to send the units back to update their firmware and certificate. You may want to determine how diagnostics are performed on units you're considering to avoid having to send back units in preventative maintenance situations.

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  • we use 9 ISC250 EMV units (The second one) and 7 ICT250 units as failover units. We prefer to own versus rent, as it's more cost effective in the long run, plus you can keep the devices if you switch processors. our possibly new processor is offering units for free, and so then I'd probably use that, as then they're free and I don't have to pay if they have issues.

    I've had to repair some of our ISC250 units after about 5-6 years of service now, and we do probably about a thousand card uses a day total. They've held up well, but I recommend getting a locking base for them to be attached to, as the less they move, the easier they are to use, as well as they last longer. Also make sure you're careful with cord management, as quite a bit of stress can be applied to the cables if you're not careful.

    ICT250 units are purely as a backup in case our primary system which ties into our POS system fails. they go direct to the processor and are independent of our POS system. it's been very helpful to have a backup system, highly recommend you do it. even better if your backup uses a different processor. the ICT250 units can do EMV and tap as well, so we don't lose any functionality other than digital signatures.

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  • We use the ISC450 Terminals. 3 in total in a retail environ that get some "rowdy" customers. The CHIP readers in these units SUCK. They run about $900 retail w/ a 1 year warranty. Ingenico takes anywhere from 5-20 weeks for repair. If the unit is NOT under warranty they charge $160.00 for each repair on the CHIP only. Our processor leases the terminals for $29.99 a month (3 years) and they handle any warranty issues, not Ingenico. My experience with about 9 of these units is the CHIP fails for us anywhere between 11-13 months consistently. So even though the lease is a bit more expensive, if I just have to repair the terminal 1 time after the initial year, then it has paid. And I have had to replace 2 of the 3 leases within the first year. 

    Your mileage my vary, but this was my experience with my POS provider (who you had to buy them through to have them programed and injected for debit support) and our processor.

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