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  • Security. Office 365/Microsoft 365. Virtualization. Clustering hypervisors. Backup and recovery. Windows 10 Modern Device Management.

    Just a few thoughts.

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  • Some random questions to get the brain going:

    1. What's the coolest thing out there you've never done or played with?
    2. What are some aspects of what you're currently doing that work well enough, but could be better?  Possibly different approaches to the same?
    3. Maybe upping your Powershell game, investigating newer versions.  Putting your existing script into modules (if they aren't already) and/or putting them out for the world to use?  Ever do unit testing with Pester?
    4. Utilizing other parts of Azure you haven't touched?
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  • -Since it Looks like you are level 1 networking, lookup CompTIA Net+

    -From there, If you like that discipline, look into becoming CCNA

    -If not, the next discipline is Secuirty:  CompTIA SEC+

    -Also, I'd say get out of the MSP.  They are great for hands on experience, but not much from wanting to pay their techs

    hope you find what you are looking for.

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  • Instead of looking for the next great thing of the coolest tech out there to get into.  What you should be asking yourself of the the skill set you have what interests you most? What here can I improve upon and make better?  If you can answer those questions you have a niche and then a drive to learn.  You learn from the skill set you have not by chasing what others think you should learn.  You have been exposed to a lot of skills and from your base set of knowledge you have a lot to work with.  Now put that together and begin to ask questions.  Knowledge comes not from asking questions and researching those questions.  The first place to start asking questions about why AD is the way it is or why File Servers have to be this way.  The more you ask why and how the more you will learn and the more you will chase research and find what you are looking for.  

    From those question you build the education you want.  Whether that education is in certificates or in an undergraduate or masters degree program.  You get to customize your education and knowledge base.  Find what you love learn about and how it fits you and run with it! You won't regret it. 

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  • If you're looking at earning a certification, does your employer cover the cost of a new IT certification(s)?

    I know many MSPs that offer this job perk. And if you're  a 7-year vet of the company you should be able to get your boss to pay for a $500 Net+ or Sec+ exam easily, and upgrade your skills for no money out of pocket.

    What is the technology you are most interested in learning right now?

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  • Wow, I'm surprised, I think I should be asking you for advice.

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