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  • I have not used them myself but I know 3 gentlemen that would likely be able to help you out:

    Mike (AeroCom Inc.)​, Phil@CommQuotes​, Jared Busch

    Those guys are the Mount Rushmore of phone knowledge and experience :P

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  • Thanks for the tag DIM! I was mid response already and you are correct-o-mundo that we have many clients that use 8x8.

    Michael, you are definitely on the right track asking your peers about thier experience with a Cloud pbx provider on your short list.  8x8 is one of the largest in the space and that means you'll likely have a lot of mixed reviews as experiences vary widely, frankly - because 8x8 is not a fit for everyone.  It all depends on the feature sets you need, the size of your company, geography, integrations required and your user and management expectations.

    For example, 8x8 is an enterprise player and focuses on the largest businesses, so smaller companies can get lost in the mix.  Yes they will sell small companies seats, but if you are a few hundred users or less there may be better options.  We definitely have smaller companies on 8x8 but our clients have a unique experience at 8x8 due to our relationship and ties into 8x8 leadership (we have a dedicated team that supports our clients there) so just something to be aware of.

    Depending on your needs for integrations into CRM, Help desk or other software, 8x8 leads the way. Same with compliance and global capabilities.  8x8 can also be very expensive so if cost is a factor, there may be a better option. 

    Some love the software stack being fully proprietary and integrated together vs using 3rd party whitelabeled software that needs separate logins. Other clients prefer to use best of breed collaboration tools. 

    So many more variables that would be factored into when we would recommend 8x8 to a client over the numerous other options.

    Like everything, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed.  There needs to be some deeper understanding of what your environment looks like, your needs etc before anyone can answer if 8 is a good solution for you.

    If you are not doing so already, link up with a trusted advisor in the space (like us!) to help you navigate these waters.  Working with an agnostic expert ensures you don't get caught up in the sexxy sales pitches and dog/pony shows and lose sight on what's important.  We also secure better pricing than you can get on your own and most importantly, a significantly better post sales experience due to our dedicated escalation teams at 300+ ISP, VoIP and Cloud providers.

    We've helped literally thousands of SpiceHeads with this stuff, happy to help you too...

    Shoot me a PM here or request help on our website: www.commquotes.com/spiceworks

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  • We tried them once years ago for sip trunks. What I can tell you is that we couldn't get adequate or any support.

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  • Thanks for vote of confidence, dimforest​! Man, I'd better make sure I can live up to it... time to finally respond to all those training webinar invites I've been ignoring! LOL

    First off, Michael... best first name in the world.

    As for 8x8... I've been a telecom broker for 16 years, so I'm very familiar with them. I hate to be vague (and a huge telecom nerd), but it really depends on your requirements. For certain companies, they are a good fit. For others, they are merely mediocre. In my opinion, they're never a horrible fit, but there are scenarios where you can do better (as with any decent hosted VoIP provider).

    The devil is in the details (i.e. number of extensions, your call flow, your employees' geographic locations, your company's feature and compliance requirements, software integration needs, etc., etc.). 

    PM me if you'd like to chat about some of those items and get some specific recommendations from me. I'm doing this all day, so don't hesitate!

    In the meantime, here is some vendor-agnostic content you might find useful:

    How to Shop Hosted VoIP Like a Boss


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  • diverallen wrote:

    We tried them once years ago for sip trunks. What I can tell you is that we couldn't get adequate or any support.

    There is no excuse for poor support but 8x8 is definitely not a fit for SIP Trunks!!

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  • As Phil@CommQuotes​ and Mike (AeroCom Inc.)​ have already said, it depends on what you are actually doing.

    I have never personally dealt with an 8x8 roll out because once it was decided that 8x8 was the solution the person needed, there was no need for my service. 8x8's team handled everything from there on. Of course this was years before I knew Phil. Today I would just tell them to call him, sorry Mike.

    8x8 is definitely not a player in the SMB. It is just not where they want to be right now.

    So, again, it comes down to what you are actually trying to do.

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