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  • You want to funnel all traffic from the endpoints to your regular servers on the LAN through an NPS server?

    What are you trying to achieve here? 

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  • I agree with Justin1250, the question is rather hard to understand, even with the diagram.

    However, if I understand correctly it looks like you're wanting to secure the network based on 'allowed' clients and either grant them access to specific resources based on whether or not they have the permission to do so - basically 802.1X authentication.

    While Microsoft's NPS is good I've used PacketFence for a more...robust...solution.  This isn't something that you'll be able to just stand up in a day, you'll definitely want to read the documentation and understand it before deploying.

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  • IIRC, NAP is going away. https://www.itprotoday.com/strategy/3-reasons-why-network-access-protection-being-phased-out

    It migtbeuseful to look for an alternative.

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