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  • I have and it was really straight forward, I swapped my HDD for a SSD

    This is what I used



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  • Was there a pretty noticeable difference after you swapped to SSD? Or is not really worth the money for an SSD? My PS4 was running out of room all the time so I mentioned I wanted to get a new hard drive and my girlfriend, bless her heart, bought me(after doing some research) a new larger hard drive that was compatible but it was not an SSD, which was my plan.  I'm starting to constantly run out of room again and thinking of doing this.

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  • Yes a big diff in load up times, top of my head it was a 30% uplift in speed loading.

    I upgraded mine for Witcher 3 and made a massive diff as that was graphic intense.

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  • Best course of action is to get a small boot drive (250gb would be more than enough) that is and SSD, this would allow you to load games substantially faster

    Then get an external storage with a 1TB or more (or multiple storage's if you want, i personally would recommend getting a 4TB, but that's just me), with a feature in the PS4 you can turn external drives into massive game bases, instead of how it used to be where you could only store videos/music/screenshots on them.

    In turn this would also mean if your ssd got bricked, you wouldnt have to re-download all your games as they would be stored externally, also would mean if you wanted to go to a friends to play a few games he didnt have you could bring the drive with you and all your games would be ready to go. 

    Just an added bonus.

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