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  • ROI on Lease vs Purchase and where the savings are either way...

    Capital purchases (Cash)
    Depreciate over 1-5 years


    No depreciation but deduct cost each month?


    My particular query is related primarily to Copiers and WideFormat Printing Equipment.

    Capital Cost on wide format New could range 15-30k

    Copier 10-15k

    California specifically for us... and where the savings are either way....

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  • We're a Federal Credit Union so YMMV.... but, for us (being federally exempt from income taxes) leasing isn't any more beneficial to us than buying outright. 


    Specifically when it comes to copiers, we've seen that it's been more cost effective to invest in a refurbished unit with low initial captial expense and pay recurring costs based on usage.  We've been pretty happy with this as we only need to spend under $3k for a unit that has all the bells and whistles we need, and turning it over every 5 years or so.  The recurring costs are minimal and include all the consumables and PM so its proven to be a cost effective way to keep this kind of technology refreshed.

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