• What model printer(s) are you using?
    32 bit or 64 bit?

    Here's a list of various emulations and page control languages that may help you search for the right documentation:

  • PostScript Variants: PostScript Level 1, PostScript Level 2, PostScript Level 3 .
  • PCL - PCL = Page Control Language. PCL 5 - Variants include PCL5c, where c= color, PCL5e, where e=enhanced, and PCL 6 also called PCL XL, and PCL 4, which is only used in some low end laser printer devices.
  • KPDL – used by Kyocera laser printer, similar to PostScript 2.
  • RPDL – used by Ricoh printers.
  • HP/GL and HP/GL2 – used by some plotters.
  • CaPSL – older language, used in some older Canon Laser devices.
  • Canon Extended Mode – used in older Canon Bubble Jet printers.
  • Epson EscP/2 – used in some serial printers and older inkjet printers from Epson.
  • Epson Esc/Page – used in many Epson laser printers.
  • Epson Script – used in some Epson laser printers.
  • Dot Matrix printers - frequently use Epson24, Epson9, IBMProprint, Oki9, or Oki24.
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