Which help desk do you need help with?*


Help Desk Server (on-prem) is available as a free download for ESX and Ubuntu Linux hosts. Host your very own instance of our popular Cloud Help Desk product.

Support for On-Prem


The Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk is a stand-alone help desk for teams who need professional and easy-to-use issue management, available anywhere, hosted for free by Spiceworks.

Support for Cloud

On-Prem (legacy)

The On-Prem Help Desk is available as a free download/install on Windows machines. Robust and mature, it's bundled with the Spiceworks Inventory for an all-in-one IT management solution.

Support for On-Prem

*Not sure which Spiceworks Help Desk you have? No problem! If the browser URL for your help desk includes on.spiceworks.com, you're on the Cloud Help Desk. Otherwise, you're using one of the on-prem help desk products. If you see Help Desk Server in the top-left navigation bar in your browser, then rest assured you're on Help Desk Server.