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John (Viakoo)
Dec 14, 2018 at 21:30 UTC | Viakoo, Inc.

Anyone Struggling with Performing Surveillance Camera Firmware Updating?

With more malware and other threats targeting surveillance cameras, the camera vendors have responded by producing more frequent camera firmware updates.  Essentially there are three choices:  

1.  Do it manually

2.  Do it automatically using a vendor-specific tool (e.g. Axis Camera Manager)

3.  Use a multi-vendor automated solution (Viakoo's Camera Firmware Update Manager) https://www.viakoo.com/camera-firmware-manager/

If you're struggling to keep up by doing it manually, what's holding you back from using automated tools, either from the camera vendor or from Viakoo?  Or is this not such a big issue for your team?  



John (Viakoo)
Jan 27, 2018 at 00:50 UTC | Viakoo, Inc.

Who's going to ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas?

This year will have a lot more focus on cyber-security issues, both in the SIA sponsored education sessions and the exhibits hall.  Are you planning to go?

  • Luis C. Mar 26, 2018 at 15:12 UTC

    I wormed my way in at the last minute. Look forward to seeing all the new products and services.

John (Viakoo)
Jan 9, 2018 at 19:30 UTC | Viakoo, Inc.

Introducing Viakoo

Viakoo has joined Spiceworks (and is sponsoring the Physical Security Group) because as Physical Security (video surveillance and access control) has transitioned from analog to IP there are few tools available to help IT support and manage these networks. An accepted (and shocking) number for physical security uptime is around 70% - a number that highlights the lack of the right tools and processes to keep physical security networks running with >99% uptime.  We're happy to be part of the Spiceworks community, and look forward to sharing our insights and learning from others here.

Viakoo provides a purpose-built solution for automatically detecting and alerting when failures occur within the physical security network, performs root cause analysis, automatically generates "fix-it" plans, and provides extensive reporting capabilities, including detailed inventory reports.  Viakoo eliminates the "missing video" issue, and helps to make sure your physical security systems are in compliance and working as they should.

If you rely on video, Viakoo makes video reliable.

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