• Flip the Customer Service Script

    (Or Just Ditch it Altogether) The other day I had to call my cable company for a fairly simple question about my bill. While the interaction went well, it was obvious that my customer service representative was reading from a script. She spoke in a rushed monotone, clearly reciting words shed already said a thousand [...]
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  • Guest Post: Top 10 Phrases to Use with Angry Customers

    When it comes to hot tamale customers, sometimes the more you care, the worse you fare. Its important to decide when to be an actor, when to be a human, or a computer. Throughout it all, remember that the more validation and empathy, the better — nobody likes to be angry alone. Call centers often [...]
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  • 5 Tips for Hiring the Best Support Team

    Customer service is arguably the most important role in any company’s continuing success because customer support reps have the most regular, ongoing contact with your customers. They are the face of your company on a day to day basis. When it comes to staffing your support desk, you want employees who are part technician, part [...]
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  • G2 Crowd Help Desk Users Rank Us Highest in Customer Satisfaction

    G2 Crowd recently released their Winter 2014 Crowd Help Desk Best of Breed Grid report, and we’re proud to be ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among users! It’s great to read the glowing reviews from our customers and confirm that we’re doing the right things for our users.G2 Crowd is a leading independent consumer-based business [...]
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  • Guest Post: Choosing the Right B2B Customer Support Software

    Choosing the right customer support or customer relationship management software isn’t simple. Since customer service enables companies to gain a competitive edge through allowing them to efficiently handle customer relationships during and after the actual sale, the customer support software industry is quickly growing. It is also generating an... Read More

  • Are you Making the Most of Your Customer Support Knowledgebase?

    As customer service reps, our jobs are to address a customers issues as fully and as quickly as possible. In a perfect world we would sit with each and every customer in person and tell them what to do the moment something goes wrong. This way not only would they have no time to get [...]
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  • When it Comes to Customer Support, the More the Merrier!

    In the past weve discussed reasons why Team Support is the best customer support app, especially for B2B companies. Collaboration is at the top of this list, since it lets many team members work together on the same problem. It also prevents confusion when it comes to helping customers as wires dont get crossed and [...]
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  • Understand Where Your Customers are Coming From

    Theres something about not being heard that drives us all crazy. When somebody isnt listening to what youre saying it makes you feel unimportant and disrespected. Its infuriating and can make a bad experience even worse. What if youre doing this to your customers? Its true. Try as you might, sometimes you irritate your customers [...]
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  • How is B2B Customer Support Different from B2C?

    What Does B2B Mean? Here at TeamSupport we use the term B2B a lot, but Ive realized that not everyone knows what it means or why its important. B2B is simply shorthand for Business to Business, and it generally refers to who you sell your product to. If your company sells a product or service [...]
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  • How to Choose the Best Help Desk Ticketing System for Your Business

    If one of your New Years Resolutions is finally getting a handle on your customer service, then you may be looking at help desk ticketing systems. Systemizing and automating your help desk goes a long way to creating happy customers, which in turn creates MORE customers. However, finding the best help desk ticketing system for [...]
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