KioWare Kiosk Software

  • KioWare for Windows 8.18

    The most recent updates to KioWare for Windows add support for customer requested devices & features.

  • Setting up your Chrome OS Kiosk

    KioWare for Chrome OS is built to secure the Chrome operating system with a Chromium-based browser.

  • Construction Kiosk Case Study

    The R.O.K. Project Console was created by Rubicon General Contractors to increase efficiencies and reduce delays in the construction process.

  • Connected Technology Solutions: Kiosks with a Human Touch

    Combined with KioWare Server and KioWare client-side kiosk system software, the Kwerk application and CTS hardware provide a secure check-in solution for use in a variety of settings.

  • KioWare for Windows Kiosk System Software now supports Facial Recognition

    KioWare for Windows version 8.16 is now available with support for Omron’s Facial Recognition Device. Read full version history for all new features and improvements.

  • KioWare now secures Chrome OS

    KioWare for Chrome OS(TM) is a kiosk application used with Chrome OS Kiosk Mode to secure the Chrome Operating System and activate additional interactive kiosk features.

  • New Guided Setup Wizard for KioWare for Android

    Version 3.12 of KioWare for Android is now available with a brand new Guided Setup which allows customers to quickly and easily set up KioWare for Android.

  • New KioCall Video Conferencing for Kiosks!

    KioCall from KioWare is a remote video connect app. KioCall allows kiosk users to initiate or receive video chats with: desktop workstations, other kiosks, custom groups.

  • New Samsung Specific Features for KioWare's Android product

    Version 3.9 of KioWare for Android is now available. New features include the ability to remotely wipe & reset the Android device. A number of Samsung specific features have also been added.

  • Declaration of Independence Museum Table Kiosk

    The Declaration of Independence Museum table kiosk located at the Albert & Shirley Small Library presents visitors with a secure hands on interactive experience.

  • User Interface Update for KioWare Server

    Version 4.9.0 of KioWare Server & KioCloud offers an enhanced user interface and a new layout for managing kiosk options and features.

  • KioWare Classic for Windows Version 7.4.0

    This new release offers an updated name & branding along with an update to touchscreen responsiveness – allowing for an improved Windows tablet experience.

  • KioWare University, Tutorial Videos

    Visit KioWare University at Vimeo to watch tutorials about licensing and configuring KioWare.

  • Queueing Theory: How do customers queue?

    Actual and perceived wait time can be positively impacted with the implementation of kiosks, effectively improving customer satisfaction & decreasing wait time.

  • New Supported Devices Search!

    The Devices section of the KioWare website is new and improved!

  • Bank Kiosks & Credit Union Kiosks

    Financial institution kiosk uses, reasons to use kiosk software with your financial institution kiosk, & benefits of kiosk software for data security.

  • KioCloud - KioWare Hosted Kiosk Management!

    KioWare Announces KioCloud, a New, Subscription-based Kiosk Management Solution Hosted by KioWare.

  • Retail Use of Touch Tablets

    By using digital tools such as kiosks and tablets, retailers can provide customers with a retail experience that is secure, interactive, and relevant, while increasing sales.

  • Are your kiosks running Flash, PDFs, Java etc?

    If your KioWare kiosk runs Flash, PDFs, Java, etc, we want to give you some information about how KioWare is handling NPAPIs. Version 8.2 of KioWare will default NPAPIs to off.

  • Scalable & Remote Self Service Device Deployment

    To simplify the initial deployment and ongoing technical demands for large scale or remote deployments, KioWare offers a number of tools and tricks.

  • Custom Kiosk Development

    KioWare offers custom development for your kiosk project. From simple to complex, KioWare can develop your kiosk app or integrate your existing application.

  • Jail Visitation Scheduling Kiosk

    The Meherrin River Regional Jail allows guests to schedule visits with inmates via the Renovo Scheduling App locked down with KioWare Kiosk System Software for Windows.

  • VIDEO: Why do you need Kiosk Software

    Why do you need to secure your devices? Are your kiosks as safe as you think? Watch this video to see what disaster kiosk software can avoid!

  • Remote Kiosk Management Features & Functions

    When deploying and managing multiple kiosks, especially kiosks over a broad range of geographic locations, remote kiosk management is an essential tool for maximizing your resources.

  • Using Group Policy Object (GPO) To Restrict Access

    When restricting access to your Windows device, consider the level of security and access that is needed before determining if GPO or kiosk software will provide the security you need.

  • Museum Kiosk Deployment

    The Rockwell Museum offers visitors the ability to interact with their "On Fire!" exhibit via kiosks displaying information & exhibit display labels. The kiosks are secured with KioWare.

  • Purposed Devices

    What is a purposed device, when, how and why are they used? How can you turn a tablet into a purposed device? Kiosk software is all you need.

  • Protecting from Phishing Attacks

    Social engineering poses one of the most difficult threats to protect against. Read more about how kiosk software protects from social engineering security threats.

  • 10 Reasons to Use KioWare Kiosk Software

    Concerned about device security and user privacy? Read our Top Ten Reasons to use kiosk software.

  • KioWare Receives GSA Schedule Contract

    We are pleased to announce the award of our General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology Schedule 70 Contract (IT Schedule). Our GSA Schedule Contract Number is GS-35F-277BA.

  • Secure Public Library Touch Screen Kiosks

    The Newport News Public Library System has implemented touch screen computers running KioWare software to provide security and restricted access to their Online Public Access Catalog.

  • Water World Self Service Kiosks & RFID Wristbands

    Water World worked with Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) to install a PDC Smart® RFID Wristband Kiosk that enables self-service transactions and distribution of Water World lockers rentals.

  • Are you updating your Kiosk Operating System?

    Going from Windows Vista or Windows XP to something more recent? Here are some tips to make sure that you don’t have to re-establish your KioWare licensing, installation settings, and more.

  • Chrome Kiosk Mode vs. Kiosk Software

    Google Chrome kiosk mode offers a simple but limited solution for display and personal use. For more robust security, kiosk software like KioWare provides a complete lockdown solution.

  • Kiosk software vs Restore on reboot software

    Compare apples to oranges (Kiosk software vs restore on reboot). More restriction, more control? Kiosk Software. Basic protection at a low/no cost? Restore on reboot might meet your needs.

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