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Author Jeremy Vaughan
Jeremy Vaughan
Oct 28, 2013 at 23:51 UTC | feature[23]

lock icon Hi! feature[23] is a strategy-based technology and engineering consulting firm.

We enable our clients to be more productive, competitive, and innovative by empowering the performance of their software, people, and teams.

Our clients are leading startup, small, and midsize (SMBs) organizations with missions to change the world. feature[23] advises top executives in technology-enabled organizations on their most critical challenges and opportunities across all industries and geographies. We deliver the expertise, skills, and solutions to help make better business decisions and focus on your core business while we build, run, govern, and evolve your applications and IT departments.

We view every client as a partner, and every engagement as an opportunity to help identify and enable a plan for your sustainable competitive advantage. feature[23] has been established as a trusted leader in delivering the business of software engineering.


Management Consulting
Avoid opportunity costs and leverage our expertise to effectively maximize information technology investments to your competitive advantage. We’ll help add new strategic capabilities, improve performance, outpace competitors, fire up profits, reduce costs, and discover hidden capacity.

- Outsourced CTO
- Technology Strategy
- Architecture Consulting
- Cloud Strategy - Hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Ops, Security
- Performance Engineering
- Process Engineering
- Team Training + Mentoring
- Business + Revenue Model Innovation
- Software + IP Escrow


Technology Execution
Big ideas don’t need a jumbo jet to get off the ground. Just some light technology, long-distance fuel, and experienced pilots. As a value-based firm, we focus on mission-critical and to-market-fast -- solving problems and delivering throughput with accountability on real outcomes.

- Web + Mobile Application Development
- Custom Software Architecture + Engineering
- Cloud Computing
- Big Data, Machine Learning, Analytics + Data Visualization
- Search as a Service, Natural Language + Sentiment Analysis
- R&D Software Lab, Prototyping + Proof-of-Concepts


Strategy + Design
Successful companies anticipate user expectations to attract customers while building trust and communicating value. We help you differentiate and outperform your competition, drive purposeful actions, and identify opportunities with engaging user experiences and effective strategies.

- Web + Mobile Design
- Responsive Design
- User Experience + User Interface (UX/UI) Design
- Native Mobile Design

- Print Design + Graphic Design
- Brand Strategy + Development 
- Predictive Insights + Actionable Engagement Strategies


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