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Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Feb 2, 2023 at 21:26 UTC | Devolutions

February Poll: What Do You Want to See in This Year’s Survey?

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Devolutions needs your help! We're preparing our fourth annual Devolutions State of IT Security in 2023/24 Survey, and we want to know: what do you want to see and learn about in our survey report this year? By participating in the February poll, you'll be automatically entered for a chance to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. Take part in preparing the survey; share your thoughts in the comments section of this article, here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/02/february-poll-what-do-you-want-to-see-in-this-years-survey/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Feb 2, 2023 at 21:24 UTC | Devolutions

January Poll Results: What’s On Your Devolutions’ Wish List This Year?

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Last month, we polled the Devolutions community to find out what products, content, and activities they want from us this year.
Curious to see what your fellow IT pros are wishing for this year? Read the poll results, here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/02/january-poll-results-whats-on-your-devolutions-wish-list-this-y... Opens a new window
Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 26, 2023 at 19:39 UTC | Devolutions

Devolutions’ Event Calendar: First Look at 2023's Events

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Each year, Devolutions participates in over a dozen events locally in Quebec, across America, and even overseas in Europe.

If you’ve always wanted to participate with us at an event and meet our experts, stay tuned for regular updates on where we’re headed next. Here’s a first look at our agenda: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/devolutions-event-calendar-first-look-at-2023s-events/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 26, 2023 at 19:33 UTC | Devolutions

Goodbye Sub Connections, Hello (Much Better) Sub Entries in RDM!

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Starting in RDM 2022.3, fully fledged, customizable sub entries have taken the place of sub connections — and after you find out what sub entries are capable of, trust us, you won’t miss sub connections one bit. Keep reading to learn more: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/goodbye-sub-connections-hello-much-better-sub-entries-in-rdm/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 26, 2023 at 19:18 UTC | Devolutions

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2023

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Gartner has published its 2023 edition of the top strategic trends, which are grouped into three categories: optimizing IT systems, scaling technology, and pioneering efforts.

For insight into what we should expect in the years to come — and advice for using this knowledge to your competitive advantage! — read our overview of Gartner's report, here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/gartners-top-10-strategic-tech-trends-for-2023/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 26, 2023 at 19:15 UTC | Devolutions

Turkish Edition of Remote Desktop Manager Now Available!

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Thanks to our Translation Team — a group of users who voluntarily translate our tools — RDM is now available in Turkish! 

What language will we work on next? That’s up to you! Help us bring our beloved app to even more users: contribute to our translation project today! It’s easy — find out how here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/turkish-edition-of-remote-desktop-manager-now-available/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 17, 2023 at 22:01 UTC | Devolutions

Sysadminotaur #126: No Two Waze

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Sysadminotaur #126 is now available! To read the latest chapter, click here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/sysadminotaur-126-no-two-waze/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 13, 2023 at 13:00 UTC | Devolutions

Essential SMB Cybersecurity Preparation

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Strengthening cybersecurity is a top priority for many SMBs. However, implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy has never been more challenging. Key reasons for this include:

  • Over the past few years, as part of their digital transformation effort, many organizations have updated their systems and tools. As a result of these updates, new devices and technologies that don’t always fit into the traditional security model have appeared on the scene.
  • The emergence of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) has fueled the rise in ransomware attacks. The Devolutions State of IT Security in SMBs in 2022/23 survey Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window revealed that ransomware is now the #1 threat that SMBs are most concerned about.
  • The pandemic fueled a rapid and massive increase in the remote workforce. This has greatly increased the size of the attack surface and unleashed a range of new threat vectors.

What’s more, strengthening cybersecurity in an effective and sustainable way is NOT just a technology project: it is now a fundamental business requirement. According to research Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window by IBM and the Ponemon Group, the cost of a data breach for organizations of all sizes has surged to an average of $4.24M (all figures USD) per incident, which is the highest amount ever recorded. And focusing exclusively on SMBs, the financial toll of a cyberattack can range from $120,000 to $1.24 million per incident.

To help SMBs identify some of the essential threats that they need to focus on, Devolutions has teamed up with Petri to produce a new white paper entitled “Essential SMB Cybersecurity Preparation.”

The white paper provides insights and recommendations about:

  • Assessing IT security and cybersecurity threats
  • Implementing Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Promoting security awareness for end users

The white paper is available on demand. No sign-up or email address is required. Click here to download [PDF Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window] now.

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 11, 2023 at 21:30 UTC | Devolutions

Diving Into the Survey: IT Security Management in SMBs

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Key Findings from the Survey

68% of SMBs are allocating 6-15% of their overall IT budget towards IT security. This is significantly higher than the 2021/2022 survey, which found that just 32% of SMBs were allocating 6-15% of their overall IT budget to IT security. This large year-over-year increase suggests that more SMBs are grasping the reality that a robust IT security profile is essential.

On the other end of the spectrum: 32% of SMBs are allocating less than 6% of their overall IT budget towards IT security, which is 6% higher than the 2021/2022 survey. In our view, the most likely factor driving this year-over-year decline was (and for some continues to be) the pandemic, which forced many SMBs to cut back on all of their budgets across the company.

Nearly half (49%) of SMBs are spending more on IT security this year vs. last year. This is most likely driven by increased labor costs, as 36% of SMBs have added one or more employees to address their IT security needs.

46% of SMBs plan on increasing their IT security spending in the next 12 months, 48% plan on spending about the same, and 6% plan on spending less. The five most common projects planned for the year ahead include: implementing a PAM solution; introducing or fully integrating 2FA; expanding a password management tool for use by all employees (not just IT staff); implementing automatic password rotation; and updating VPN strategies. It is interesting to note that all of these IT security projects are related to identity and access management!


Many IT professionals in SMBs know that their companies need to invest more (and perhaps, also more wisely) on IT security. However, they may face a common obstacle: some non-IT decision-makers in their companies do not fully appreciate the risks and consequences, and see investing in IT security as a “nice-to-have” option that can be ignored, rather than an essential requirement that must be addressed.

To help IT professionals get the budget and other resources they need to strengthen their company’s IT security profile, we recommend covering these five factors in any pitch, proposal, or presentation...

To read our recommendations, click here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/diving-into-the-survey-it-security-management-in-smbs/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 5, 2023 at 18:40 UTC | Devolutions

January Poll Question: What Is on Your Devolutions Wish List This Year?

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Happy New Year! As an IT pro, your competence and contribution will be more important this year than ever before. But alas, as the old saying goes: “to whom more is given, more is expected.” We know that you will rise to every occasion.

And of course, Devolutions will be here to support you every step of the way with solutions, advice, and insight. And since stress management is so critical, we’ll also supply you with plenty of fun and lighter stuff like Sysadminotaur comics, quizzes, game recommendations, polls, and more!

Speaking of polls, let’s kick off the first poll of 2023 by asking: What’s on your Devolutions wish list this year?

There is NO LIMIT AT ALL to what wishes could be on your list, and you are welcome to share multiple wishes. Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Changes to our existing product(s)
  • New product(s)
  • More interactive events like webinars and Devolutions Online Central
  • More or new content (e.g., advice, white papers, tutorial videos, fun stuff, etc.)
  • Changes to our customer support (by the way, if you dream of 24/7 customer support, then please plan to send us A LOT of coffee, and some pizza would be nice — it always tastes better at 3 a.m., right?)

Again, these are just some of the many possibilities that might be on your wish list. Basically, if you can dream it, then we want you to share it with the community.

And in case you’re wondering: YES, we will do our very best to incorporate some of your wishes in our plans for this year (or if we can’t, then we’ll at least aim to lay the foundation in the months ahead!).

You Could Win

Simply by participating in this month’s poll, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. We’ll announce the two randomly-selected lucky winners when we share the contributions in early February.

Thank you in advance for participating, and we look forward to seeing your Devolutions wish list!

To enter the poll, simply answer the poll question in the comments section of this blog article: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/january-poll-question-what-is-on-your-devolutions-wish-list-thi... Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 4, 2023 at 16:01 UTC | Devolutions

December Poll Results: What Old School Computer Launched Your Love of IT?

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Floppy disks. Analog RGB monitors. Dot matrix printers. Dial-up modems. Joysticks. CompuServe.

Ah yes: these are relics of a bygone tech era characterized by the sweet melody of a screeeEeeeEeeEEEEeeching dial-up modem, the command line awesomeness of MS-DOS (dir/w, anyone?), and let us not forget the life-and-death importance of “parking” a hard drive before moving a computer.

All of this sweet, geeky nostalgia was the inspiration for our December poll question Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window: What old-school computer launched your love of IT?

It turns out that MANY of you were in the mood to reflect on the good ol’ days, because this was one of our most popular polls ever with over 50 responses!

The Responses

And so, what old school systems played a pivotal role in turning all of you into the smart and successful IT pros you are today? Let’s start with the CLEAR WINNER (honestly it wasn’t even close).

See the results, here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2023/01/december-poll-results-what-old-school-computer-launched-your-lo... Opens a new window
Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 4, 2023 at 15:57 UTC | Devolutions

Season’s Greetings from Devolutions!

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The classic holiday song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window” can mean different things to different people. For us, what makes the holidays so special is that it gives us a chance to share our immense, heartfelt gratitude to the most important people in our world: YOU, the members of our incredible global community.

Your support, loyalty, and partnership mean everything to us. It motivates us to consistently work at the highest level of competence and professionalism. And just as importantly, it drives us to keep innovating and raising the bar.

We cannot overstate how important this powerful, authentic connection with our community is. You are an integral part of WHO we are. You are not just customers. You are partners! We admire and respect you, and promise to never let you down!

You know, it’s kind of funny: for more than 10 years, CEOs and other executives from many companies — in all sectors and industries — have asked us how we created such a fiercely loyal and engaged community. And they are always surprised by our answer: we didn’t “create” anything, because you cannot engineer this kind of dynamic.

The formula is simple to understand, but difficult to implement: relentlessly focus on serving customers vs. the other way around (lots of companies get this mixed up!), always listen to ALL feedback (not just the positive stuff!), and be transparent in everything (honesty and integrity must be absolute principles).

And speaking of transparency…

Click here to continue reading: https://blog.devolutions.net/2022/12/seasons-greetings-from-devolutions-2022/ Opens a new window
Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 4, 2023 at 15:54 UTC | Devolutions

Devolutions 2022 Year in Review: Part 2

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July is when most of us spend as much time outside as possible, basking under the sun. It’s kind of a cultural thing, because we all know in the back of our minds that in just a few months the weather will turn colder, and we’ll be back to scraping the ice and snow from our cars (ugh).

But that inevitability did not distract us from getting a lot of stuff done! We started the month by having a chat with Maurice, our VP of Business Solutions, about his team’s experience at MSP Expo 2022 Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window (where Devolutions was a Silver Sponsor, and we’re heading back there in 2023!). We also unveiled a flurry of major product updates (v2022.2) for Remote Desktop Manager Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window, Devolutions Server Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window, and Devolutions Workspace Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window.

We also shared 20 shocking cybercrime statistics Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window (2022 edition), and released a new white paper produced in conjunction with Petri entitled “Cybersecurity vs. IT Security — Taking Responsibility for Organizational Information Security Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window.”

Of course, we managed to squeeze in some fun stuff as well. We invited the community write the text for two panels Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window in Patrick’s special SysAdmin Appreciation Day comic. And speaking of Patrick: his July edition of Sysadminotaur #120 – Bias Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window was a rallying cry for CSOs everywhere!

To continue reading the recap from August to December, click here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2022/12/devolutions-2022-year-in-review-part-2/ Opens a new window
Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 4, 2023 at 15:39 UTC | Devolutions

Devolutions 2022 Year in Review: Part 1

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The last 12 months — actually, make that the last few years — have been dominated by change, change, and still more change.

Sometimes we enjoy changes (like more opportunities to work remotely), and sometimes we don’t (like the surge in ransomware and malware attacks). But love it or hate it, the pace of change has been — and continues to be — unprecedented. It’s kind of like being on a roller coaster that never stops, so you might as well make yourself as comfortable as possible and enjoy the ride (and as always, please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!).


It is nice to know that, amidst all of this change, there are some traditions we can count on year after year. Around here, a ritual that many of us — and hopefully many of you — look forward to is our annual year in review.

And so, without further delay, please pour yourself a big mug of hot chocolate, sit back, perhaps play some festive music like the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window, and join us for a recap of 2022 here at Devolutions (we’ll start with January – June).

To continue reading the year in review, click here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2022/12/devolutions-2022-year-in-review-part-1/ Opens a new window

Author Max Trottier
Maxime (Devolutions)
Jan 4, 2023 at 15:33 UTC | Devolutions

Password Hub Business 2022.3 Now Available

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About Password Hub Business

Before we dive into the new and improved features, please allow me to take a moment to highlight Password Hub Business for those who are new:

Password Hub Business is our secure cloud-based password manager for teams. It empowers organizations to easily and securely vault and manage business-user passwords — along with other sensitive information like building alarm codes, software license keys, corporate credit card numbers, etc. — through a user-friendly web interface that can be quickly, easily, and securely accessed via any browser. And unlike many other enterprise-grade password management solutions, Password Hub Business is very affordable for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). What’s more, Password Hub Business is also a cloud data source in Remote Desktop Manager.

Simply put, Password Hub Business is the perfect balance of security and usability. A free 30-day trial Opens a new window Opens a new window Opens a new window is available.

What’s New in PHB: Quick Overview

Password Hub Business 2022.3 offers significant new features, including:

  • Added Sub-Menu to Centralize Vault Settings
  • Sync with Azure User & User Group
  • Added Report: Temporary Access Request List Per Vault + Status

What’s Improved in PHB: Quick Overview

Our teams have also enhanced Password Hub Business 2023.3 with several improvements, including:

  • More Copy Options in Password List Entry
  • Set Priority Sorting display
  • Advanced Search option
  • Markdown WYSIWYG Documentation Editor

For a deeper look, visit the full article here: https://blog.devolutions.net/2022/12/password-hub-business-20223-now-available/ Opens a new window

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