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Jun 27, 2022 at 22:18 UTC on the Carbonite page
Tamara for Carbonite
Jun 22, 2022 at 23:18 UTC | Carbonite

Changes Coming to Carbonite's Online Accounts & FAQs

We’re excited to announce that there are some changes underway as Carbonite is growing and improving the ways you can protect your devices and yourself online. Please note the ways you might access your online account with Carbonite while we are in the process of expanding our products and services. In addition, in this description purchasing a license and setting up an account are not the same. Check out the full FAQ here.

My Account Portal: Webroot + Carbonite online account (myaccount.carbonite.com)

Accounts created after March 22nd, 2022 are in the My Account Portal. My Account lets you access and update your active subscriptions, payment options, and available downloads in one place.

My Account features include:

  • Easy account and subscription management: Manage comprehensive protection against file loss or cyber incidents via your Webroot + Carbonite subscriptions from one convenient location.
  • Easy downloads/ feature access: Download and install Webroot + Carbonite products with a single click.
  • Additional support resources: Quick access to an award-winning support team plus a resource hub for FAQs, troubleshooting instructions, and more.

Information on creating an account and resetting your password:
Please see our original community post for all other issues.
Jun 17, 2022 at 21:54 UTC on the Carbonite page
Jun 14, 2022 at 16:20 UTC | Carbonite

Call back from Carbonite

Is it ever going to be possible to get a call back from Carbonite regarding their Product?
I have submitted multiple times and nothing.

  • Tamara for Carbonite Jun 17, 2022 at 20:13 UTC

    Hey Jamie9742
    Apologies that you have not heard back from support. Just to be sure, were you able to create a ticket here: https://www.carbonite.com/contact-us
    If you can please send me a personal message with your account email and ticket number so that I can help escalate with my teammates at Carbonite. Hopefully we can get this expedited and resolved for you. Thanks so much!

Tamara for Carbonite
Jun 13, 2022 at 18:51 UTC | Carbonite

Carbonite Server earns LEADER status on G2 Grid! 🎉

OpenText is pleased to announce it has been placed into the LEADER quadrant on Carbonite Server’s first grid placement for G2! Check out the G2 Grid for the top Server Backup Software products below:

G2 scores products and sellers based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Together, these scores are mapped on their proprietary grid, which you can use to compare products, streamline the buying process, and quickly identify the best products based on the experiences of your peers.

Check out the official G2 Grid for Server Backup here!

Jun 13, 2022 at 17:32 UTC on the Carbonite page
Tamara for Carbonite
May 31, 2022 at 22:11 UTC | Carbonite

Protecting Your Family’s Most Invaluable and Irreplaceable Data

While many businesses prioritize backups, it can be easy to forget about applying that same careful planning to safeguarding your family’s priceless data. No matter what type of entity, if you value your data consider ensuring it is backed-up.
Here are 4 reasons why:
  • Photos and videos record our most precious memories: Having these backed up keeps them protected from a variety of unpredictable issues.
  • Financial documents are irreplaceable: Protect important financial documents which can be troublesome if not impossible to replace
  • Losing personal data exposes us to identity theft: Select a backup provider that will keep your files secure
  • We’re only human: Accidents from computer crashes to viruses happen
See our full-post for more details and how Carbonite can protect your families personal data.
Tamara for Carbonite
May 23, 2022 at 15:20 UTC | Carbonite

New Employee? Swiftly and Securely Share Important Files with Carbonite

The process of onboarding new employees to your company is more than just about providing training on company processes; it’s also about ensuring your employees have access to your important business files.
With Carbonite Safe you can provide reliable access to your important business files and keep them secure even when new employees join your company by adding them to your Carbonite account.

For instructions on how to provide new employees access to important files check out our post here.

Tamara for Carbonite
May 16, 2022 at 22:50 UTC | Carbonite

Carbonite Mobile is here!

You can now download an app for Carbonite that’s a companion for Carbonite Safe from your mobile device’s app store for both Android and iOS and easily access all files you've backed up on your desktop directly from your mobile device!
How cool is that? The future is now!

Use Carbonite Mobile for:
  • Sharing photos and important documents
  • Quick navigation
  • Accessing all your backed up computers
  • Viewing clear previews for quick searches
So what are you waiting for? Search Carbonite on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the Carbonite Mobile App.

How would the capability to access your data from your mobile device revolutionize your life?
Tamara for Carbonite
May 9, 2022 at 18:37 UTC | Carbonite

Wrapping Up World Password Day 2022

Last week we recognized World Password Day.
ICYMI, World Password Day was established as a reminder for all to revisit their password habits and ensure the security of their credentials. Here’s a message from our Webroot + Carbonite community specialist, Keenan (Carbonite) on “Password Integrity”.

With every passing year, it seems like we need five more accounts for our business and personal lives. That means five new passwords and five new opportunities for someone to access your information or steal your identity. On top of all that, how many of you can honestly say you use a unique password for every one of your ever-growing list of online logins?
The truth is, it has become nearly impossible to create and remember long, secure passwords for all of our online accounts. The solution that most people have begun to adopt is the use of a password manager such as LastPass which is included in SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus and Complete. Using a password manager solves a number of problems such as:

  • Generating randomized, secure passwords
  • Locks your huge list of account passwords behind a singular “master password” or biometric password such as a fingerprint/face scan
  • Distributes access to that list of passwords across all of your devices

While password managers are not flawless, they solve most of the issues that make people and businesses vulnerable to data breaches and identity theft.

Making a password that would be considered secure consists of the following:
  • A password should be 16 characters or more; our password-related research has found that 45 percent of Americans use passwords of eight characters or less, which are not as secure as longer passwords.
  • A password should include a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • A password shouldn’t be shared with any other account.
  • A password shouldn’t include any of the user’s personal information like their address or phone number. It’s also best not to include any information that can be accessed on social media like kids’ or pets’ names.
  • A password shouldn’t contain any consecutive letters or numbers.
  • A password shouldn’t be the word “password” or the same letter or number repeated.
    (Credit to Security.org)
I tried for years to create unique passwords that follow this set of rules and succeeded...for a while. Recently, I finally admitted to myself that I didn’t have the ability to memorize my 20+ unique passwords and was using the “forgot password” function far too often. Since adopting a password manager, I haven’t had to click “forgot password” because I only have to remember a singular, strong, master password to get access to the rest of them. It’s been such a level-up in my online life that I can’t imagine ever going back.
(For the record, I use KeePassXC since I prefer local storage)

What password solutions is our tech-savvy Webroot Community using? Cloud/Local password managers? Superhuman memory that never forgets 16+ character passwords? Leave us your thoughts with a reply below!

For this piece, I’d like to credit much of the content in this post to our Writing team and this amazing World Password Day Blog they created. Go check it out to learn more about password integrity!
Tamara for Carbonite
Apr 30, 2022 at 03:17 UTC | Carbonite

Carbonite Named a Finalist for ‘Security Vendor of the Year’ 🎉

We are proud to share that both Carbonite and Webroot, OpenText Security Solutions, have been named as finalists for 'Security Vendor of the Year' in the IT Europa Channel Awards!

The award ceremony will take place in London on May, 19.
To check out the full details visit: https://www.iteawards.com/finalists

Tamara for Carbonite
Apr 22, 2022 at 21:17 UTC | Carbonite

Save the Date for May the 4th Be With You for Fun, Trivia, and Prizes!

How many of you know your STAR WARS trivia and think you can turn it into PRIZES?

We’re going to have ORIGINAL TRILOGY STAR WARS TRIVIA being hosted on Google Meetups. Tyler (Webroot) will be hosting it live and you can use your phone or another screen to join in!

May The Force Be With You Trivia!
MEETUP - Wed, May 4, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CDT) - Click here to join on the date! 

We’re going to be giving away some amazing prizes like backpacks, YETI tumblers, Han Solo carbonite ice cube trays! You don’t even have to do well to win - random prizes will be given for just attending!

This could be you!

See you later Tusken Raiders!

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  • Tyler (Webroot) Apr 29, 2022 at 16:13 UTC

    jessevas​ This original trilogy from the films! I hope that helps

  • jessevas Apr 29, 2022 at 16:32 UTC

    Tyler (Webroot) wrote:

    jessevas​ This original trilogy from the films! I hope that helps

    Shoot!  There goes my advantage. :~P

Tamara for Carbonite
Apr 18, 2022 at 19:54 UTC | Carbonite

Taking a Closer Look at Phishing

Phishing occurs when an incoming email is made to look like it is coming from a legitimate source and meant to entice a user to engage with embedded malicious malware contained in the form of links, downloads, and/ or an attached document.

According to our recently released annual threat report, in the past year companies have averaged 28 phishing attacks. From IT execs that were surveyed, 76% of them reported that phishing attacks have risen during the pandemic.

For a deeper analysis of the current trends and how to strengthen your current security posture, check out our 2022 BrightCloud Threat Report.

Tamara for Carbonite
Mar 31, 2022 at 20:13 UTC | Carbonite

Recognizing World Backup Day 2022: Data Disasters - Fool Me Once

TODAY, March 31st is World Backup Day!

Check out this awesome post by Keenan (Carbonite) from Carbonite:

We love using this time to reflect on our habits around data - both personal and professional.

There is a very common belief out there that can be summed up as “My data is safe - I don’t think I need to worry much about backing it up.” This belief is held by the tech-illiterate as well as self-described tech “pros” across the world. And even if they don’t have this belief, per se, there is a trend of people putting data backup at the end of their to-do list. Getting an antivirus solution, a VPN, or shiny new hardware tends to feel more important to most people in regards to their technical “must acquire” list. If there’s one idea I want you to start believing today, it is the following:

Incorporating an automated Data Backup plan is one of the most important actions you can take to save yourself time, energy, and frustration.

World Backup Day serves as a useful reminder for all of the things that can go wrong with your data:

  • A hard drive can reach the end of it’s lifespan well before the “estimated” date that marketing claims
  • Becoming a victim of a malware/ransomware infection that results in the need to wipe hard drives
  • A dropped laptop can completely ruin a hard drive, especially if its a mechanical drive and not an SSD
I have experienced multiple data disasters in my teens and early 20’s because I gave far too much confidence in the 7200RPM spinning hard drive in my computer. Time and time again, I experienced heartache when I realized that my video projects, pictures, school essays, and updated resumé were lost to malware, a stolen laptop, or the eventuality of a hard drive giving up on life. It wasn’t so much that I misunderstood the importance of having an external hard drive and a backup schedule. For most of my life, I’ve actually owned an external hard drive! My issue was actually remembering to reconnect that hard drive to my PC and run a backup more than once a year (I blame ADHD). More often than not, my inability to stick to a backup schedule led to the loss of a lot of data that was very emotionally or scholastically important to me.

My fellow Community Manager at WebrootTyler (Webroot) has some interesting stories to share as well:

Geek Squad Employee Story:

I worked at Geek Squad for about 5 years so I’ve had plenty of heartbreak stories when it comes to broken computers and lost data. The most common ones were from young women that had all their wedding pictures lost or older generations who had many grandchildren photos all lost. These are usually conversations with tears and anger, but it’s mostly the confrontation that nothing can be done once the hard drive has died. Very few times do people pay for the exorbitant amount of money that it costs for a deep dive hard drive recovery. Almost all the people have to make do with the loss as well as a very important lesson learned. Usually it was followed by a new computer purchase and then an additional drive for the purpose of backing up data.

The problem was that people assume that these computers are going to work forever, or that there wont be an accident. There is very little one can do to convince someone that they need a redundancy plan and they need to stick to it when they are purchasing a new computer, or everything with their current computer is working well. This used to be having a flash drive or external hard drive that you would regularly backup your stuff to. You could do it manually or have some software do it for you automatically. Things have definitely gotten easier now that we have cloud storage, but that’s only grown in popularity over the past decade.

The Good News:

Data Backup has gotten so much easier and more streamlined in the past few years. Cloud backup solutions have made the concept of “forgetting to backup” a thing of the past. Using a cloud backup solution also comes with other conveniences such as connecting multiple devices to one cloud account. If you choose to stick with a local backup method, hard drives are cheaper than ever (see below graph) and creating a local backup schedule is very easy on MacOS and Windows.

The reality is that backing up your data is not inherently difficult. Cloud backups and scheduled local backups are both easy and cheap options for making your files resilient to a data disaster. The hurdle that many of us (including my past self) actually need to overcome is prioritizing the initial setup process of a backup solution. The mistake when I was younger was constantly procrastinating the process of backing up to my external hard drive. That mistake resulted in so many of my files being lost forever. I learned the incredibly humbling lesson of why backups are so vital and I implore you all to not make that same mistake. Taking a couple hours to buy/setup a backup solution is 100% worth the time investment!

Tell me your stories

Now I’d love to hear about your journeys with data backup.
Have you ever experienced a severe data disaster?
What was the catalyst that led to you adopting a backup solution?
Do you use cloud or local backups?

We’re inviting you to share a data disaster story of your own and you may be one of 10 lucky winners to receive some awesome swag from Carbonite + Webroot!
Enter and see more details about the contest here!
Tamara for Carbonite
Mar 25, 2022 at 19:48 UTC | Carbonite

It’s Almost Tax Day! Tips about Crypto and Cyber Scams to Avoid

Check out this recent article where our Security Intelligence Director, Grayson Milbourne highlights some important updates about crypto and cyber scams.
For many this year may be a surprise in that it’s the first time the IRS will be inquiring about crypto activity. With cyber crime at an ever increasing high, individuals should be very cautious about screening notices that are claiming to be from the IRS and it is recommended that you discuss with your tax preparer about the security measures being taken to keep your personal info secure.
Read the full article here

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